deals chasers

One of the crazy things, BH and I do is …. chasing deals

Well, I am looking for a Kitchenaid Stand mixer if you all had read from my previous entry . Unfortunately, I haven’t found a suitable one. The price is always too high 🙁

Last night, upon reading from the forum tt there’s a great deal at Lowe’s , we drove there this morning. Lowe’s opens at 6am. We woke up at 6am and drove there … we were their first customer ! So was there super duper deal? NO!!

Both us were ended up coming home tired  and disapted… it’s a sad day *again* and my headache is back

A few weeks ago, we also did the same thing for a PS3 console at Target. In the end, the console was sold out.

Really really hope tt a better deal  comes up soon .. don’t wanna be disapted again and again 🙁

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