stands for World’s Worst Shopper and that happens to be me. Well, BH came up with this term after my many failed shopping trips. I can nv understand how women can shop/spend money just like how they use water from a tap! Ok, maybe that’s y shoppers are always happy and me? I’m not.

Even with the awesome return/exchange policy, I hardly buy anything when I’m in the states. Weird isn’t? As compared to SG, I have to admit that clothes are cheaper there.. erm.. but they don’t usually fit me well. I end up shopping at kids section which is cheaper…. BUT there’s a couple of times I end up wearing the same t-shirt as a little girl!! *gasps!* how embarassing! BH hates it when I wear the white hairband with tiny stars on it… he will be like ” OMG.. u are not wearing that right? it’s so kiddish!” what can i say? only kids size fit my head ( though i think my head is big)???

Because of many instances like the above, BH came up with W.W.S. When I’m back in SG, I need to mk a number of purchases. It was just so difficult to start shopping. It’s like I’m the one who was supposed to buy things for the house BUT in the end.. my sister bought stuff and i didn’t. OMG… i suck at shopping!!!!

While shopping for some household stuff like aircon for our flat… I chose the cheapest and ignored the design.. BH was like ” why don’t you top-up the $ for a nicer design one?” ok… too late… I nearly made the same mistake for the fridge BUT was stopped by my mum and sis. Right…. I’m not sure if W.W.S is a result of being stingy or thrifty. I have no idea. I only know that I am a lousy shopper… 🙁

I think I need someone to teach me to shop w/o thinking of the money spent really.

Btw.. I was looking online.. thinking of buying clothes from blogshops… and my mum spotted this.. ” She was like.. it’s so nice!! you buy la… ” W.W.S finally resisted and bought it! Thanks to my mum.. I bought the last piece in my size! keke.. looking forward to receive it in the mail… the dress is so ‘Kate Spade’ !!!

Dress bought:

Kate Spade’s Candy shop Jeanette Dress

Between BH and me.. the spender is definitely him.. :X

New hair day!!

Finally! It was sooooooooooooooooooo HOT in SG …. so… I went from this –

to this….

haha.. like my new look?? heh.. it doesn’t come cheap!!! ouch!!!

So u’ll see nicer pics of me from now on.. 😀

Goody spin pins!

phew! BH drove me to a total of 4 walgreens to get this! It’s OOS almost everywhere!

Goody spin pins gives good hair!! 😀 easy to use.. no fuss… perfect on a bad hair day!

Just tie hair in a bun and slot in the 2 pins… it’s like magic.. it stays!!!! I jumped around and the pins didn’t drop!! Love it!

Spin pins rocks!!!

the sun’s back!

On Saturday, I decided that I needed to borrow the pretty longchamp scarf from Sabrina ( my bag!) haha.. so I wore it on my head as a hairband. hehe.. nice ?? 😀

The weather was really sunny .. so I could finally wear ‘summer’ clothes. haha.. wore my A&F one shoulder top together with my pretty Kate Spade earrings.

We went for brunch at Mayuri Indian Cuisine. It was buffet brunch.. haha..but buffet is very ‘bo hua’ for me.. i don’t eat much. BUT the food was superb! I mean.. i love Indian food! the spices .. the aroma.. mks my mouth waters! I had yummy chickpeas salad + Tandoori chicken + butter chicken + mutton curry + naan+ yellow spinach rice! oh well, the deco of the place was so  ‘indian’ too! The food is sooo authentic! What more can you ask for!

heh.. think we were the only chinese there… It’s great that SG is a multi racial society.. we get to enjoy and appreciate food from many different cultures 🙂

A picture of us to rem the sunday saturday

Contact lenses

Got these in the mail yesterday!

my 6 mths supply of monthly contact lenses 😀

How much did we pay? $0 = FREE

company insurance covered this! I love this place!



Prior to coming to the states, I bought several boxes of contact lenses from SG – I was using daily disposables. Of course, my supplies depleted since I’m over here for a period of time.

We went to the optician  last mth, to get new prescription so that I can buy the lenses here. ( Need to get prescription to mk specs or lenses here.. quite troublesome!) Nobody could mk the same kinda contact lenses as I was wearing in SG.

I was super upset and decided that I am so going to be ugly until BH decides on the date that we cld go back to SG 🙁 So, BH actually made the effort to find out more abt the lenses and even wanted to bring me to another optician for a 2nd opinion. Anyhow, he found out that only 1 type of lenses can fit me so he called the optician to mk the lenses – the monthly lenses

From that day on, BH was HORRIFIED that my eyes are of such high degree ( any higher , no lenses can fit me alr ) and he was like ” can u don’t read in the dark?”, ” what did i tell u about your eyes?” haha.. feels good to be cared for 🙂 and he sounds like my dad..

want list

I so wanna buy things for myself 🙁 sigh…

was browsing VS website and i saw this monokini! seriously.. i like it!!! BH will be super happy IF i buy this or anything from VS… haha…I think i’ll go down to VS this weekend.. hopefully i can buy US$60 worth of items then i’ll get a FREE UMBRELLA.. we so need an umbrella man! ( erm…we only have 1 foldable one at home? heh)

MARC BY MARC JACOBS ‘Classic Q – Ukita’ Convertible Crossbody Flap Bag

Can’t decide the colour yet.. but it won’t be black/brown

my sabrina is so ruined alr… even the coach sales person see the stain when i tried to cover it with the scarf 🙁 sad…

only can see…. cannot buy…yet

I so need to learn how to let go and spend $ man… haiz…

Getting vaccinated

Yesterday, I went down to BH’s workplace for the H1N1 vaccine. seems like the H1N1 scare is over? there were not many pple getting vaccinated.  Anyway, the vaccine is paid for by the company.. might as well take it right?

Prior to taking the jab, you got to fill up a form. There’s this ‘Age’ section that you need to fill in.. for once, I forgot how old was I 🙁  I thought I was 2_ BUT after I took 2010 – 198_ , I’m actually 2^ !!! I gasped in disbelief and horror… ” Am I that OLD???” and the nurse came to me ” Is there anything wrong?”

heh.. I thought in my heart ”  oH yes! MY AGE IS WRONG!” but I told her “erm… nothing!”

If only, that vaccine is to stop me from growing old…

The rest of the evening, I window shopped downtown for……… ANTI-AGING COSMETICS!!

Getting old? Tell me about it man… haha

It’s the little things

*random post – coz I just felt like blogging!*

So the long weekend came and went very quickly… we went to Serious Pie for lunch with Julius (pics on Julius’ iphone as we forgt our cam… wonder when can we get it) . Serious Pie deserves a review post!!! 🙂

I think BH had Monday/work blues… seriously…he was acting like a sick puppy…  anyhow, he still went to work today… heng ah! it’s weird but i don’t really like him to be home as I really like pte time with myself.. Eg:  I can reply emails in peace , go to the gym , eat whatever nonsense for lunch. When BH’s home, he will be like ‘eh.. what u doing?? why u smiling at the computer?’ & he will wanna eat proper lunch! sickeningly irritating!

okok.. all these things aside… today, I just felt like being nice and dedicating a post to BH.. awww.. so sweet… right?? heheh

I haven’t really blog on nice things abt BH for the longest time ..  coz i always feel tt since he’s my hubby, he’s obliged to do all these things ! oh well, so today’s post will b on the things he’s nt obliged to do but he did – tt’s what mks it ‘little’ and ‘sweet’? heh..

well,  BH is usually nice.. just tt sometimes, I don’t like to praise him.. Praising will mk him complacent… so when he does something nice and good… I’ll think of something else and urge him to go an extra mile for me.. mean? but I think it works for my ‘Jacob wannabe’  ;p

1) during the long weekend, there was this Lancome promo.. Genifique & Genifque Eye for like US$100. I don’t know how much it’s retailing at SG but imo this is super cheap > 2 items wld have been US$137!!! Of course, I wanted it – tried the sample previously and loved it.. makes the skin smooth… I was expecting BH to say tt it’s too ex… ask me to look for alternatives.. BUT he didn’t .. so he log on to the site and bought it for me ( while i was still hesitating..) !!! yay!! Happy!!

2) I was also lusting for Chanel Classic Flap bag.. man… too much of silly entertainment news / mags makes me want this bag so badly.. so BH made the effort to find out more abt the bag :O It was so random – instead of playing with his games, he was searching for this bag on ebay!! heh… not expecting him to buy for me.. it’s seriously toooooooo ex..even the 2nd hand one is ex ! but the effort and thought of getting it for me.. makes me happy! maybe a few years later? 🙂

3) he takes nice pics of me when I thought look awful.. awww.. at least I thought this pic of me looks nice 🙂

4) He spreads jam & butter on my bread for me every morning coz I told him my parents does tt for me last time… geez.. I’m such a baby…

5) He diligently wash the dishes, clean the sink and stove every night – even when he’s “sick”! wahahaha…

6) He washes my water bottle and fill up  the flask every night so that I’ll have lotsa water to drink in the day

maybe some times.. it’s the littlest things tt counts! 🙂

Just for record, *ahem* he has like 6 brownie points ONLY.. haha

Legere SPF34 BB cream

*not so nice pics of me ahead- DO NOT scroll down if you can’t stand the sight of me*

This is the 1st ever BB cream I bought! I bought it on ebay for US$30 inclusive of shipping… 🙂

Basically, I choose this brand coz 女人我最大 recommended. So, it must be good right? haha.. bought the improved version with SPF 34..


So I apply this BB cream ( like what I see on the 女人我最大 video) – put abit of cream on the back of your palm.. then lightly pat it onto the face.. i was seriously expecting a miracle – like it was cover the pimple/ mole blah blah… but it didn’t work as well as I thought!! It’s either i’m too stingy with the cream or this cream isn’t good???

okok… show u some pics Of b4 & after…



Did you see any diff???? No right??? see… i was expecting a miracle BUT…. hmmm… don’t see any…

However, I noticed that the pores on the nose does get less noticeable.. those tiny bumps on the forehead is less visible… and the colour of the BB cream does match my skin tone AFTER 15 mins!

More pictures of my comforting myself ( front view, sun shine on my face view, take pics from bottom up view) .. wah… my face like “flawless” …… or is it physiological??




hehe… maybe.. just maybe it will be better for my skin in long term? supposed to have skin regenerating effect right? ;p we’ll see.. haha… I think I’ll wake up one day and realise that I look 18 again!!

bb cream

Realised tt i havent posted pics of myself for a long time 🙁 tt’s coz my skin is in a horrible state… to the extend tt i wanna see a dermatologist > ok… tk it tt i’m exaggerating… heh… but if i’m in sg.. if i see more than 3 pimples, i’ll rush to the doc .. seriously…

now i have like 2 pimples… 🙁 ok.. it’s getting better but still.. haiz… i’m still tking the collagen, powdered form… sianz… the bottled one is definitely better … sigh… i have been working out in the gym, so tt blood circulates… but still.. sob sob… i’m a vain lollipop 🙁

anyhow… i have decided tt desperate situation calls for desperate measures!!! soo i m so gonna buy bb cream! from gmarket or ebay.. which ever is cheaper… geez..

spent my time researching on these cream.. and there’s soooooooo many brands like skin79, Etude house, Missha, BRTC… dunno which one is better… short listed these… anyone can give me some opinions??? it’ll b greatly appreciated..





#5 L’EGERE White Multi BB Cream

女人我最大 reccommended