#16 Completed product!

haha.. ok.. I talked about the renovation process BUT I have yet to show the completed real product!

Here goes.. enjoy! πŸ˜€

Pardon the mess :X

Curtains my awesome mum made for the spare room πŸ™‚

Total damage: 19K ( for everything including doors, reno, lights, furnitures, electronics)

I miss my home already…

PS: When I signed the contract with Mr T, I told him to give me a few planks of wood for shoes outside my unit. I called him after 2 weeks when I still didn’t see the wood. He assured me that he got it covered. My parents told me that he finally put up the planks of wood… and it was MORE than planks of wood.. he practically made a SHOES RACK!!! WAH.. I was super impressed!!! πŸ™‚ I haven’t seen it BUT my parents were super hyped about it. It must be good! hehe… see… with Mr T, I can be sure that everything will be swee swee. Highly recommend Mr Toh of Chng Poh Guan ( EXCELLENT after-service!)

#15a Furnitures, electronics and misc

*warning.. nothing fancy, just very basic and CHEAP items*

I seriously stopped counting our budget. I think that will mk me a happier shopper :X

Anyhow, we bought a sofabed from beds.sg If you are looking for budget furniture, do give this website a try! wah.. I am really glad that we took the leap of faith and purchased the Lazzaro Black Sofa Bed Delivery was puntual , in fact, they came earlier than expected. Product looks the same from the website ( they have no showroom) HOWEVER, the legs of the sofa r not straight :X It won’t collapse and it’s not obvious BUT it’s not something which is durable. BH and I totally do not mind, so we just bought it ( confirm cheaper than outside!)

Our special guest….

She helped herself up…

My fridge .. Bought a medium one from Goh Ah Bee. I wanted to get a even smaller one BUT i was stopped by my mum and my sis ( and i figured out that BH will kill me) Oh well, see the gap? I know… there will be that gap BUT due to budget and practically, I still bought the medium one – Hope to find nice deco to put on top of the fridge to block the gap

Storage stools were purchased at warehouse sale. My dad kindly drove me to this warehose all the way at Toh Tuck to get these stools… ok.. I still bought 1 other shelf which had missing handles, because it was cheap :X Thought I could find the handles at Ikea BUT it was OOS!!! Need to think of another way to DIY

Need to take a picture of my dining table and bed

Washing machine will be coming tml evening – got a basic top-load one ( I WILL NEVER GET FRONT LOAD WASHERS – will tell more in another post) from Gain City and it comes with FREE vaccum cleaner!

Things to buy:
1) TV console ( my dad is bugging me to get this asap)
2) Secure padlock
3) Kitchen stuff (BH’s mum gave me $ to buy stuff, need to get physical items)

#13b Curtains done!

Phew.. after many changes in dates ( Initially July 8 , change to July 11, change to July 12) The curtains are UP! No screw up.. except that I needed to top-up because she misquoted me. I will not recommend this curtain-maker.

I am pleased with the results though πŸ™‚

Curtains for masterbed room – Dark brown

Curtains for Living room – 2 tracks, Supposed to be Green ( looks gold here) paired with lighter material

P/S: Our unit is really bright.. so it’s difficult to take a nice picture of the curtains.. pardon the bad pictures

My mum will mk the curtains for the remaining rooms .. Thank you!!

#11f: Reno Progess week 4 (Completed)

I am just so glad that the renovation works is completed!!! I simply LOVE the amount of natural light in our home. It’s so windy.. so bright… so nice!!! Almost perfect… not ideal.

Seriously, I can’t wait to cook in my kitchen. I already called Citygas to come in to do gas turn on – they will be coming in next Tuesday!

I have not made the final payment to Mr T yet.. and Mr T isn’t the type who is rushing me to pay him. I am very satisfied with the renovation he had done. He handled my requests very efficiently. Any problems were recified quickly too! πŸ™‚ However, pls take note that Mr T is a contractor (old generation type) and HE may not have much modern ideas/suggestions. Go to him if u have something in mind.

Rem I was complaining about wrong drawings – Well, he still mk things right! In fact, Mr T didn’t even give me a specific date for handover when we signed the contract, his exact words were “很快就ε₯½!” So I just trusted him and I’m glad I did!

I am NOT earning commission for this BUT I certainly reccommend Mr Toh from Chng Poh Guan Renovation Construction (Inspiration ID) πŸ™‚

#14a Doors installed!

After almost 3 weeks, the doors are up! πŸ™‚ The door installer was not exactly friendly BUT he was very puntual. I decided to reach later this time because I didn’t wanna pay the extra parking for waiting, I even contemplated waiting at the gantry of the carpark until another car tailgate me then enter the carpark.. haha.. my sis talked me out of the thought.. oh well… so i looked ard the carpark and didn’t see any lorry that was from Yontat .. Just as my sis and I joked about the worker waiting outside my unit…. IT DID HAPPENED!!! He was quite unhappy and I was only 15mins late. If you are getting Yontat to do your doors…BE PUNTUAL!

Installing doors is no ez job. For installing 3 doors, it took about 2.5hrs! It was messy and dusty… and it definitely dirtied my place which was already quite clean after my contractor ‘acid washed’ the flat. Anyway, the installer cleaned up the mess as best as he could and told me that 1 of the doors was of the wrong size and he need to resized it.. sianz… hate it when things didn’t get completed. Because door was resized, it was short of laminate.

After he left, I arranged for another appointment to get Yontat’s men to come in to paste the laminate (I was glad i don’t have to wait 3 more weeks!). Phew.. they came the next day. The workers were very friendly this time round…he kept asking me to check after he did the sandpaper and before he mount the door up again! wah.. impressed! just when i thought, they are doing a careful and fine job, 1 worker carried the door and gently hit against my hanging light….OUCH!!! Heng ah… nothing happened! I thought I cld have died of heart attack then!

Overall experience with YONTAT – SUPERB! πŸ™‚ Pls order doors early, waiting time is LONG! Doors very nice.. BUT i regretted not buying the solid doors… heh.. the hollow doors just don’t feel durable. Blame it on WWS syndrome !!

Happy day!

Phew.. after so many upset entries.. time for a happy one! I’m just glad that the major works are over!! Today, the 2 biggest (imo) problems are rectified!

1) Managed to get the lights company to fix my 1 kitchen light! Turns out that the bulb fused… I was extremely glad with their willingness to provide after service! THUMBS UP for BRIGHT HOUSE LIGHTING!

2) Door laminate pasted (Another story will update soon) *nearly had a heart attack when the worker carried the door and knock against my hanging light!!!!! gasp.. heng ah… didn’t crack or break.. and it still works.. thank God!*

I THINK I HAVE THE BEST MUM – really… she helped me with the cleaning of the dusty place!! I can nv thank her enough πŸ™‚ as though she was super woman.. she came home and cooked delicious chilli crabs!! I am so touched!!!

What’s left?
-waiting for furniture ( not much) to come in
-hoping that a washer will drop from the sky ( yes.. i haven’t bought it yet.. due to WWS)
-BH to come home and do more shopping of other household stuff ( spending money is not my kind of thing.. I think BH will enjoy shopping more than me)

It doesn’t stop there

Ok.. renovation is an ongoing process. Sigh… just when i thought everything is gonna complete soon, 1 bloody light in the kitchen cease to work. TMD FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF*10000X! At this pt of time, I am damn sianz… because while i fuss over these silly renovation stuff, BH is probably enjoying the Independence Day long weekend with his friends.

I am soooooooo f*cking angry and upset.. damn it!

#11e: Reno Progess week 3.5 (Kitchen cabinents w/o solid top + room)

I have been trying NOT to go up to the flat as the parking cost is a KILLER. Seriously, I think I spent a BOMB on parking man… ouch.. even if I were to go, I’ll try my BEST to mk it snappy (within the grace period).. apparently, it’s really difficult… I need to spent at least 30cents each time

Anyway, Mr T is very flexible. Technically, I need to give him another 40% of the payment so he will start work on the kitchen carpentry BUT I was unable to go down – he trusted me and continued to get his workers to do the work. Great! My dad decided to go down on the day the workers is gonna bring the carpentry up… My dad called me and told me how weird the colour was. I freaked out! I rem expaining to the carpenter what I wanted at least 3 times and mking sure he knows what I was talking about by getting him to repeat it for me. I was already disturbed that the drawings Mr T provided are WRONG and if he were to mess up the colours..i seriously do not know how to settle the problem :X

I kept my fingers crossed, my heart and brains were filled with “How to scold Mr T” My legs.. my legs.. were jelly because I was so nervous! I don’t like to try NEW things… BUT BH feel that we shld TRY this colour combi upon looking at many magazines… Before my legs become jelly and melt like ice-cream… I gathered all my courage and drove to the flat safely… I was greeted with this….


It was an ‘aha’ moment… yes! the lime green!! heaved a sigh of relieve πŸ™‚ phew…

2 days later…. it’s all done w/o the solid top

So fast!! so nice… following what my sis will say ‘BIG LIKE!’

I know.. it’s so starhub… but it’s beautiful in my eyes πŸ™‚ and super sian… one of the kitchen lights fused .. need to settle this problem soon… hope Mr T workers and help me..

Other items were up too! Handover shld be next week! whee! When BH is home, he is really home!

#13a Curtains maker found but…

Decided to go with a curtains maker at Kovan market, shall not name the stall yet
I went to her because my mum had been buying textiles/fabrics from her since decades ago. sigh… have a mentality that market is cheaper.. so I went ahead after she gave me the quote via my floorplan

She went to the flat and took measurements and she realised that it’s MORE than what she expected. Need to top-up now πŸ™ and she need to measure again..

In my attempt to save money, I incurred more cost πŸ™ Can someone just kill me?! I don’t wanna do this anymore…esp when I got to do this alone..

#8a: Lights installation

I was impressed by the prompt service from Bright House Lighting Pte Ltd ( the initials are coincidentally BH.. haha) Appointment time 10-11am and the 2 technicians came at 10.30am. Great! Not late! Prior the appointment, I called the service centre hotline to tell them to bring over another water heater and they did! I was still afraid that they will screw up! ok, I am not sure if the price I paid for lightings are HIGH or LOW.. but looking at the result of the installation… I’m happy!

1: Living and dinning area
2: Service yard
3: walkway (yellow/warm light)
4: Rooms

Yes – most of my lights are very simple… but that’s what I hope to achieve. I bet the most expensive thing in the house is my ceiling fan liaoz (besides the aircon) :X

My only complain is 1 of the technican did his BIG business in my NEW toilet!! He dirtied my toilet bowl!! πŸ™ eeks… y don’t they feel paiseh?