Review: Sharis

Like pies? You’ll love this place ๐Ÿ™‚

BH &I first heard abt this place from Denny. We drove by this resturant a no. of times but due to the colours & fontย of the logo, we thought it’s an Indian resturant! haha… so funny right!

anyway, before our Snowboarding trip, we made our way to Sharis for a heavy breakfast. This place is kinda like a IHOP/Denny. They serve regular American breakfast, you’ll get your pancakes, bacons, sauages.. ( similar promo as IHOP – free flow pancakes) BUT there’s more to it… haha… you can also satisfy your craving for something sweet by ordering PIES!!

wah.. they sure do have lots of pies!! haha.. once you step into the resturant, you’ll b greeted with a whole case of pies!! haha.. I went pie crazy – not sure what to choose!! in the end, I had Peach Pie – tastes great! The crust is superb!! Pls don’t tell me how mcuh calories that is! wahaha… oh..for the mth of Feb, there’s a pie promo going on.. $7.99 for a whole pie of your choice! Well, I really wanted to buy a pie home BUT I didn’t ๐Ÿ™ we were kinda rushing for time as our snowboard lesson was at 1pm

Above all, I must comment that the coffee taste sooooooo good here!! geez… even better than the coffee in IHOP or Denny’s. We feel that the coffee here isn’t blend and doesn’t have the ‘sour’ taste! nice!!

However, I think i’ll still stick to IHOP for breakfast – their pancakes are better!! As for Sharis, I’ll visit you for tea!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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