Meghan is 4

Poof! Meghan is 4! Just like that!

Motherhood is never easy. You don’t ever stop worrying. They say “Prevention is better than cure” I say ” Prevention makes you go crazy” Living during these pandemic times, with Meghan still too young to get vaccinated makes me anxious. I have no idea how others do it but I struggle every day.. worried about my family’s health and safety.

My heart aches when Meghan ask me when can she go to Disneyland or Hawaii or sometimes “Can I have a brother/sister?” Oh.. Meghan we want so much for you but it’s not as easy as you think. I hope things get better or be normal soon so that we can enjoy fun activities without being worried about taking COVID tests or catching any kind of viruses.

About a month before 4, you suddenly caught up with potty training. You acknowledge when you are urgent and could go potty all by yourself. On most nights, you kept your pull-up dry and could go pee at night. You are still working on pooping on the potty. We are proud of what a big girl you had become.

These days you aspire to be an astronaut. And you love to play pretent going to space (which I love). You are also very aware and sensitive to my feelings and help to calm me down, just like how I calm you down.

On the other hand, you can be quite strong-willed but will cooperate with us after much coaxing. The nights are indeed long but the years are short. (Haha I may have changed the quote but it sure feels like that for me)

Happy birthday dear girl! May all your dreams and aspirations come true! Remember everything we do, we do it for you…

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