Bye 2021

We ended another year of pandemic.

This year is a little better than the last. At least we are able to get vaccinated for Covid. Getting vaccinated doesn’t mean you are invincible but just not getting severely ill. Then, when i think that things are looking up.. the variants come to play! Sigh.. it doesn’t get better does it?

Still, for sanity.. we sent Meghan back to a new daycare. She loves school but it was a rough start in the sense that she had to follow rules and get used to mandarin. I think our efforts paid off.. she finally got used to bilingualism and is speaking mandarin! Pretty proud of her as she wasn’t speaking mandarin at all – now she’s reciting chinese poems and singing songs!

This year.. we find more signs of Ringo getting old and slowing down a little. He eats, barks but.. we found a “blood blister” on his body. Vet recommended autopsy and we plan on doing that next year with his teeth cleaning. Ringo is such a sweet boy and we just hope that he is healthy.

For us, Bing and I have been toying with moving.. we will see how this goes next year.

Ahh…best part of 2021.. Meghan is no longer allergic to eggs!!! Nothing.. is more important than this! Not allergic to eggs doesn’t mean that her eczema ia cured but.. at least we know she doesn’t have a immediate reaction to eggs which needs medical attention asap.

Let’s hope that 2022 will be even better for all.. especially Meghan!

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