Every step I take, every move I make…

will be detected!!

I love this!! Probably 1 of the BEST freebie I received in the mail 😀

So, the first day I got it, I cliped it on my shorts.. and it fell into the toilet bowl!!! *sobz* I thought that’s IT BUT it still works la.. of course, I went to  wash and disinfect it with my 99.9% germ free wet wipes!

Anyway, the no. on the screen shows the no. of steps I took today at the gym.. heh… quote cool right?

Seattle Storm Vs Minnesota Lynx

I managed to get free tix for us to watch a WNBA match at Keyarena 🙂 heh.. it’s not that i’m a basketball fan BUT both of us walked by Keyarena for countless of times and we wondered how is it inside. So I seized the oportunity and managed to get tix for a game for the both of us.

It was a weekday and the match was at 7. BH met me directly at the Keyarena. We went for dinner first (yay!! no need to cook!) then went for the 2nd half of the match

The score when we came in:

Our seats were pretty good ( compared to the San Antonio seats we paid for)

Okok.. cannot compare men and women NBA games.. haha… I mean I seriously could feel the excitement since we are seating so close to them!

Mascot which looks like Elmo!

Time out –

Defense!! Defense!!!

and finally….

Seattle Storm won!!

and it was really stormy .. i mean.. the weather became stormy… I forgot my PINK brolly and we ran home…

Guess what’s my fave part of the game?? haha.. when they catapult t-shirts. haha.. the deal would have been slicker if we went home with a FREE souvenir

Overall,it was fun.. at least something different to spice up the mid-week 🙂

Snowboarding Day 3 – GRAD DAY!

On the first day of Spring ( March 20) , BH and I went for our final beginner snowboard lesson ( oxymoron?) haha.. the weather was superb.. it was bright and sunny!

we were expecting a crowd at the ski area BUT it was so empty! haha… which is good.. coz we did at least 15 runs! and there was NO line at the chairlift!! nice!!


BH and I don’t even need to share a chairlift – see the pic of me on the lift? heh.. my mum wld freak if she sees it :X

YayI can do 1 complete run ( easy one la) w/o falling most of the time! and I can control my speed and direction! quite proud with my achievements!

BUT I still can’t come out of the chairlift w/o falling 🙁 BH can lor… soooooooo… the instructor was very nice.. hahaha… quite cute can….

 He ride with me and………

caught me when I fall!! heh… I almost made him “fall” on me! haha.. if only it is ‘for’ me lor…wahahaha… This instructor is super good.. He even helped me to tie my boot’s laces coz it came loose!!! :O I feel like a princess!!

I had alot of difficulty trying to master the toe side turn, so he held my hand and I kinda snowboarded with him 😀 cool!!!

Some interesting things we saw….

haha… that’s all! Looking forward to the next season!!!

Snowboarding Day 2

If you have been following our blog, you wld have read that we went Snowboarding last mth. As we bought the 3 days pass, we still had 2 more days to go ( actually, the cost wld break even if you go for 2 lessons) So on the bright and sunny morning, we decided to go on our Day 2 lesson 🙂

I woke up with a bad headache – I have no idea why. I kinda thought that we shld cancel the trip as I wasn’t feeling my best. However, the weather was so good! the sky’s so blue – it’s a great day for snowboarding! Ate panadol and hope that the headache wil go away.. BUT it didn’t 🙁

After breakfast at Sharis, we went to Snoqualmie Summit. The Q to sign in and collect our boards was horribly LONG. It was only 1/2 h more to our lesson. I was worried that we might just miss it ( there’s only 1 lesson for the day for Day 2) … So we rushed our way thru’ and managed to get our stuff, wear them and we were 15mins late!!!

Fortunately, there’s another lady who’s just like us.. so we kinda have a pte lesson. Just 3 of us + the super cool instructor, Jason! wah.. he’s cute can ( erm.. not tt i like the piercing on his tongue) HE KNOWS HOW TO TEACH! ( but my headache was so bad tt i was counting down to the end of the lesson)

BH and I actually improved and learnt alot from him 🙂 So we were super proud of our achievements – 

1) We can control our snowboards better

2) We can stop without falling

3) We can board the chairlift with our snowboard

BUT we still can’t alight from the chairlift w/o falling.. hahaha.. I literally slide down the chairlift! practise makes perfect!

Some pics of us in action!

I think this is our new past time 🙂 I cld have enjoyed and done much  better w/o the headache

Last pic for us to rem the day

Hope to go 1 last time before the season ends? haha..

Snowboarding Day 1

We have been planning a skiing/snowboarding trip for some time .. last yr, the snow was really bad, so we didn’t even think of trying these sports out. Although, the weather is cold and wet this year, it’s still isn’t tt bad 🙂 SO Julius kindly volunteered to bring us to The Summit at Snoqualmie This is the nearest ski/snowboard place to Seattle, abt 45mins away from us

we had a late night the night before, due to Avatar BUT we still got up bright and early, had a super heavy breakfast and head to Snoqualmie. I was wrapped in layers coz I thought it wld be cold, since it’s outdoor and there’s snow… BUT i was sooooooooo wrong!!! geeez… I was perspiring like crazy after the snowboarding session.

heh.. ok.. so BH and I bought a 3 day lessons pass ( + gears rental) for US$119, which was quite reasonable! I was expecting the gears to be old and dirty but i’m wrong! The gears are relatively new and well-maintained. Actually, I wanted to try skiing coz it looks easier.. heh.. BUT Julius was ard and he’s able to teach us snowboard, so we went for snowboard instead!

The 1st time was hard – the shoes make walking difficult and the snowboard was super heavy!! I took the kids size one and it’s still heavy!! really struggled the 1st few times to put on the gears and to balance on the board( ya.. i am real bad at balancing tt I don’t know how to cycle)

Julius was really nice – he was like “it’s ok to fall and embarass yourself.. don’t worry!” haha..so looking at the many newbies ard us and having a mindset tt “snow does not hurt as bad as hard cement floor” , I pluck up my courage and I managed to balance and even snowboard for a distance!! wow!! I’m impressed by myself 🙂 I realised tt I had been belittling myself all the while ! I can do it!! Why do I always think I can’t?? In the end, I even managed to do better than BH ( so i thought.. haha.. talking abt being humble) :X

The pass we bought enables us to take 3 beginner lessons – so we went for our 1st lesson. Seriously, got 2 thank Julius for teaching us the basics 1st – he gave us the headstart so we weren’t the worst in the class! (Class consist of adults!)

So now I know how to control the snowboard with the heels and toes, I can make a small J turn too – how cool is that!!

Some pics of us in action 🙂

haha.. of course, in the process of learning, I tried and fell many times in order to get the techniques right. anyway, I bought kids’ size pants and they have extra ‘padding’ at the bum and knees, so it didn’t hurt that bad 🙂

Above all, it was fun and something new.. I love how free I feel when I snowboard – awww.. the cool air .. and I’m not gonna wear too much next time!! coz snowboard is kinda like an exercise? you will perspire, even when it’s cold!!

Looking forward for our next lesson – where we will take our snowboard to a ‘higher’ level!!