NYC – Day 5 ☂

7 September

Actually this NYC trip is really tiring.. either that or we are getting old. Haha.. By the 5th day, we r exhausted from my early mornings and late nights 🙁 Anyhow, we still make it a point to wake up EARLY so that we can be on Good Morning America (GMA) – morning show which we watch everyday… haha… I think I’m very lucky, because the KARDASHIANS were on the show and I get to see them live!!! 😀 I was so excited!!!

Haha… we came back home and watched ourselves on GMA here It was so funny to see ourselves on TV, esp me waving like a maniac! haha… luckily none of my friends could see me.. hehe.. Fun experience!

Next, we headed to Flushing Meadows for US OPEN

Rem I told you there’s weird pple on the subway? haha… This is one of the funny incidents. So there was this asian lady on the train. She was talking really loudly on the phone. She kept repeating ‘No’ for at least 30 times then she said ‘No, I’m no sleepy’ for another X no. of times. OMG! I don’t know why but it’s so funny… so I started to giggle… then the pple surrounding me start giggling , one lady even laughed out loud. BH quickly got me to cover myself with my hoodie – he was afraid tt I will kenna bash. haha.. anyhow.. i need to demo to you then u will know that it’s funny.. haha… now thinking of it.. it still mks me laugh… wahahaha… “I no sleepy!!!!”

Luckily we reached the stadium fast enough… else I think it’ll die from controlling my laugher. haha…

Watched Nadal vs Muller for 17 mins then match was suspended due to the rain!!! We hang around the area until evening then left when the organisers declared that the match for the day will be cancelled. Bh was very disapted. The more heartpain thing was we paid $100+ for the tix!

As we were feeling quite sore that we wasted time and money … BH received an email that the amt we paid for the US OPEN TICKETS will be REFUNDED!!! yayness!! In fact, it had been refunded already 🙂 Lucky us! Great organisers!

Our last dinner at NYC was at Serendipity3 – which I get to know from 1 of the episode of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ The food was so-so. The must try is FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE – very poisonous but super nice! The server is not too friendly… maybe it’s just new yorkers… they are not very friendly? offence BUT I have a feeling that the worst americans resides in NYC!

Just as we were enjoying dinner, the doctor’s office called and informed me about the lab results. Oh well.. I got worried and I didn’t feel too happy after that 🙁 Now I can only pray that things will get better when I see Dr Le next week.