Gmarket shopping *update*

yay!!! I received my Gmarket stuff today!

Date ordered: 29 Aug 2009

Date received: 9 Sept 2009

No. of items: 8

Total damage with shipping cost: US$103

Quite fast! 🙂 I think it cld have been faster IF there’s no labour day hols.. wahaha

The box –


Ripped open the box and the 1st thing i wanna try are the shoes!!! look at my new booties!!! stylo right? ;p and they have good soles!

Next pair …. good soles too! was kinda loose for me.. BUT fear not! each pair of shoes comes with a pair of padding… placed the padding in and it fits right!! feels super comfy too!!! ;p ( Buy a size bigger! It’s safer!)


now.. the super cute belt!! Heh.. it fits me right! but wrong size nvm.. look at the back of the belt – can adjust!

gmarket (9)
gmarket (10)

Last but not least… a group pic of all my stuff!!

gmarket (11)

I’m a happy girl and a very satisfied Gmarket buyer!! ;p

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    1. the quality of the clothes are kinda thin .. haven’t wash them yet.. nt sure if it will shrink.. haha… the dress I bought right, has a lining under it! so it’s not translucent!

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