Indo Cafe

heh.. if u r waiting for my blog on how our 1st Anniversary was… i’m still waiting for pics from BH’s cam!

Anyhow… i’m here to blog abt this great place to eat super delicious Indo food πŸ™‚ yummy!!! just had my dinner but the thought of the food and the place.. makes me hungry again!!! haha

Yesterday, BH, Julius and I went to check out on Indo Cafe located at Northgate, not too far from our home. We gt to noe this place from an Indonesian-chinese guy ( leasing person from XXXX apartment – yes.. we are apartment searching again) .. so we decided to try it out with our only singaporean friend Julius! haha..

The food is authentic and delicious… I can’t rem what BH or Julius ordered.. BUT i ordered Beef Rendang.. which I had nt eaten for ages! Each set lunch was $5.95 , mine was slightly more ex $7.95.. worth the price man… better than any foodcourt food here in Seattle…

wah… i so wanna go again can!!! hehehe

Some pics of the food.. mouth watering!!

Julius food –


BH’s food –


My yummy rendang! taste like the real one! it’s spicy BUT damn shiok!


Check this out! haha… the bill plate is so cute!

And the pen have a fork at the back? haha.. like when u write with the pen, you can scratch your nose? haha.. or is it for scratching ur head coz u dunno how much tips to give???


After which, we left the place and wanted to go try some wonderful japanese deserts – Hiroki! BUT it was not open πŸ™ super duper sad… coz a celebration does not feel complete if there’s no cakes …

Next place to try … Julia’s Indo Kitchen and of course… Hiroki!! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait!!

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  1. no, I’m from Malaysia. I haven’t try out that many Malaysian/Singaporean food yet. Have you tried Malay Satay Hut? some of the stuff are not too bad but I’m really picky so everything is not as good as home LOL…that’s why I usually go for Korean/Japanese/Vietnamese if I’m looking for asian food. Go try Grand China Buffet in Everett, pretty good for the price they charge. Which part of Seattle are you in?

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