Legere SPF34 BB cream

*not so nice pics of me ahead- DO NOT scroll down if you can’t stand the sight of me*

This is the 1st ever BB cream I bought! I bought it on ebay for US$30 inclusive of shipping… 🙂

Basically, I choose this brand coz 女人我最大 recommended. So, it must be good right? haha.. bought the improved version with SPF 34..


So I apply this BB cream ( like what I see on the 女人我最大 video) – put abit of cream on the back of your palm.. then lightly pat it onto the face.. i was seriously expecting a miracle – like it was cover the pimple/ mole blah blah… but it didn’t work as well as I thought!! It’s either i’m too stingy with the cream or this cream isn’t good???

okok… show u some pics Of b4 & after…



Did you see any diff???? No right??? see… i was expecting a miracle BUT…. hmmm… don’t see any…

However, I noticed that the pores on the nose does get less noticeable.. those tiny bumps on the forehead is less visible… and the colour of the BB cream does match my skin tone AFTER 15 mins!

More pictures of my comforting myself ( front view, sun shine on my face view, take pics from bottom up view) .. wah… my face like “flawless” …… or is it physiological??




hehe… maybe.. just maybe it will be better for my skin in long term? supposed to have skin regenerating effect right? ;p we’ll see.. haha… I think I’ll wake up one day and realise that I look 18 again!!

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  1. how long does it say for it to take affect, skin improvement-wise? probably do another update on it 3 mths later and tell us if it really does improve your skin. I just start using a home microdermabrasion system (no zinc/aluminium crystals blasting on my skin or whatsoever). So far so good, skin is smooth after every treatment :p

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