worst dinner ever!

last night marks the worst dinner I had cooked… EVER

Seriously, i wasn’t even cooking something new .. I did everything the same tried and tested way… BUT…….. it failed me 🙁

ok.. so i steamed fish… wash the fish.. did all the seasoning and all… put it in the pot to steam at HIGH heat for abt 10 mins.. took the fish out and it ought to be ready to eat to only realised that some parts are still uncooked… *sianz 1/2* need to steam somemore

BH was saying tt he’s hungry.. and i really wanted the fish to cook FAST.. so I took the plate and wanted to placed the fish back to steam… guess what happened???


There goes dinner.. no mood to eat liaoz…

1) need to clean the place

2) waste money – how to eat the fish .. what if there’s small glass fragments??


It was pure hell and I was so upset! FIRST time this happened after I have been cooking for nearly everyday!!!

and BH had to rub it in saying that i’m impatient, always wanna do things in a hurry… geez… it’s just the lousy plate’s fault

The consolation of the bad dinner

1) I was glad that the plate did not break on the floor!! It broke when it’s on the dinning table! *Heng! I guess it must be the hot plate meets the cold air – can’t take the fast temperature change so it broke? mk sense?*

2) Luckily, I cooked extra food for BH to bring for lunch so he ate  part of his lunch for dinner last night while i just ate the vege…

a bad dinner .. hope this won’t happen ever again!

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