Contact lenses

Got these in the mail yesterday!

my 6 mths supply of monthly contact lenses 😀

How much did we pay? $0 = FREE

company insurance covered this! I love this place!



Prior to coming to the states, I bought several boxes of contact lenses from SG – I was using daily disposables. Of course, my supplies depleted since I’m over here for a period of time.

We went to the optician  last mth, to get new prescription so that I can buy the lenses here. ( Need to get prescription to mk specs or lenses here.. quite troublesome!) Nobody could mk the same kinda contact lenses as I was wearing in SG.

I was super upset and decided that I am so going to be ugly until BH decides on the date that we cld go back to SG 🙁 So, BH actually made the effort to find out more abt the lenses and even wanted to bring me to another optician for a 2nd opinion. Anyhow, he found out that only 1 type of lenses can fit me so he called the optician to mk the lenses – the monthly lenses

From that day on, BH was HORRIFIED that my eyes are of such high degree ( any higher , no lenses can fit me alr ) and he was like ” can u don’t read in the dark?”, ” what did i tell u about your eyes?” haha.. feels good to be cared for 🙂 and he sounds like my dad..

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