Merrrrrry Kiss-Moooseeeeee!

BH and I took a short trip to vegas on the 20Dec-23Dec.. Prior to our departure date, there were many reports on snow storms and cancellation of flights… I left for the trip with an extremely heavy heart… coz.. i knew that we would be ‘staying’ in the airport for sometime… oh well, BH thought that i was being paranoid again..haha..but it turned out that i was right!

so.. Bh’s friend, Julius drove us to the airport.. even on his 4-wheels drive car, we could feel a ‘skid’ on the road.. super dangerous to drive… it was very sweet of him to risk his life for us! haha …anyway, we reached the airport way b4 time… it was kinda crowded.. coz there were ‘stranded’ passengers from other flights which was cancelled… anyhow, we got to our gate and the flight was badly delayed..with at least 5 gate changes in a span of 2hours? the weather was very bad… the wind was strong… snow was heavy… runway was covered with snow and melted to ice… BUT we still boarded the plane… set down comfortably… then the pilot announced… “Flight Cancelled” We alighted the plane and became one of those ‘stranded’ passengers…

hmmm… we couldnt change our flight as we bought the package (include hotel) at a cheap rate.. changing would incur more cost… we couldn’t go home as the weather was so bad that it’s nt safe to drive… soooooooo…. we tried to ‘rebook’ ourselves on another flight BUT all flights were fully booked… we can only get seats on the 22Dec! we had no choice but to take the risk… so… we put ourselves on standby for the next day 6am flight… we were no. 23-24 on the list of abt 40 pple… i was feeling quite hopeless already..

the next day came slowly.. and we were very tired.. with no proper sleep… however, the weather in seattle was still quite bad… so… many pple didnt turn up for the 6am flight! hahaha…. we got on the flight but seats were separated (nvm.. we juz took it) .. and we finally flew to our destination! (pls get a window seat when flying to vegas.. the view is spectacular! i didnt have a window seat But i sat beside a very nice lady who shared the window with me)

it was only a 2hr flight to vegas.. but this trip took us 17hrs! man… finally reached vegas, took a cab, which was quite cheap (paid 16USD, including tips) ,checked into hotel, washed up and went for a so called ‘pretty good buffet’ at Bellogio ( the Q was super long… nearly died of hunger!) .. buffet was so-so only.. dunno y reviews were soooooooo good…

after we replenished our energy, went for photo-taking around the hotels and casinos.. watched abit of the bellogio musical fountain then went to try our luck at Wynn… which ate up most of our money… oh well…

the next day, we went for the Las Vegas factory outlets… alot of things to buy… spent more money… haha… pple were shopping like it’s free esp. at Coach… but.. i don’t really like anything… hmmm… the only thing i really want was a pair of UGG boots (everyone is wearing them!!!)

well.. UGG boots are really costly too , 130USD a pair… so.. i gt to settle for imitation 🙁 went to Aldo and bought a similar looking one… haha… you can see it on the Vegas picture gallery below..

after the tiring shopping at the factory outlet ( actually, seattle also have factory outlet what!) we went back to the hotel.. put down our stuff.. and head to Mandalay Bay for MamaMia! wow… we bought the tickets cheap at this booth known as ‘Tix4tonight’ .. better to buy at this booth than online coz you will nv know what will happen to ur flight and it’s cheaper! the seats we got were very good.. the musical was nice as i could sing along with the songs! very glad that i watched the movie 3X and i managed to watch the real musical! however, i must comment that the vocals are nt as gd as i expect 🙁 would definitely wanna watch MamaMia at New York Broadway!

actually, BH and I toyed with the thought of forgoing out flight back to seattle on the 23dec.. and buy another flight back on the 27dec.. however, we realised that it’s better to spend the money on shopping than to extend the trip… haha..

we would most likely go to Vegas again.. the next time, we hope to go in summer so that we could see the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dams! ;p

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