I told u so!

geez.. BH is nt feeling well.. he’s down with flu! see see!! i told u so!!! luckily, i told a flu jab and bought flu medicine from my doctor before coming.. in the end, BH took my medicine and is resting now… well… being such a sweet and dedicated wife..i cooked porridge for him and gave him 1 day sick leave.. with my BIG and GENEROUS heart… I pardoned him for not doing his ‘chores’ TODAY haha..

so how did BH caught a flu? last night, something exciting happened at our apartment.. at ard 8pm, BH and I were debating who shld go and bathe first.. b4 we cld come to a conclusion… there’s was a loud screeching, annoying siren in our apartment… my first reaction was to look at Jessica, don’t ask me y.. haha.. i was afraid the lights on Jessica would short-circuit and cause fire.. haha.. then the sound seem to come from the laundry rm (weird coz we r nt washing any clothes).. so we opened the door and saw pple evacuating from their apartments… so we quickly took our jackets… and i took my ever ready emergency bag = our passports and cash then went to assemble outside the apartment.. which was FREEZING cold!!! man!!! it was interesting to see how our neighbors seized the opportunities to take photos of the ‘fire’ and the fire engine… hahaha… shortly after, the firemen came… checked and there was nothing… so… after a cold and painful 20mins, we could go up to our apartment… i guess.. that’s when he caught a cold…

conclusion: Living in the US is sooooooo filled with uncertainties… Singapore is definitely safer! haha

anyway, i’m sick too 🙁 I am soooooooooo sick and tired of snow!!!! argh… snow is no fun at all!!! really hope tt we could drive out tomorrow… coz I HAD RAN OUT OF THINGS TO COOK!!!! and there’s lots of sales going on!!!! believe it or nt.. i still have nt gone to Seattle’s factory Outlet stores!!! 🙁 BH better recover soon!!!

o.. and i opened my x’mas present from BH.. received an American Eagle cardigan.. Bh was delighted to receive a Celio sweater which i bought from sg.. haha…

Happy Boxing day to all!!

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