Julia’s Indonesian Kitchen

BH and I went to Julia’s Kitchen for dinner last night… well… we expected the food to be super duper good – even better than Indo Cafe heh.. coz we read tt the ‘boss’ was residing in S’pore for 30years, shld be able to cook SG style right?? BUT we were kinda wrong? or maybe we tried the wrong food? haha..

anyway, the food here was slightly more ex? maybe coz we went for dinner and not like lunch for Indo cafe? heh… so… the comparison here is biased!

Let the pictures do the talking! 🙂


Parking space is kinda limited… Better to go on Sunday, so that you can park in front of the restaurant ( other times reserved for other shop’s customers). Alternatively, you can park along the street ( street parking is free!)


My food :

Bh’s food

The above was what we ordered… can’t rem the exact name of the food. Food was super spicy! The ikan bilis with chili was super nice!! I had to drink many many glasses of water man! haha…. the sambal chilli.. damn nice! yummy!!!

We had desserts too… I saw Pandan cake and I wanna try!!! the pandan cake wasn’t what I expected… sad 🙁


Bh had chendol .. which was quite good ! haha..or rather we forgot how Chendol taste like and thought that this taste great! ;p


Overall, Julia’s Kitchen have great ambience but parking space is limited whereas Indo Cafe have cute waitress, ample parking space and not so spicy yummy food!

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