Who stole the cookies from the cookies jar?


I have a huge love for digestive biscuits! Not any random ones but the McVitie’s. these digestive cookies are precious … They are really expensive here, so I actually brought them back from SG. As you know… The last few days were really bad for me – I was sick, drowsy after taking medicine and had little appetite. My roommate aka BH took advantage of vulnerability and…… Ate my precious cookies!

I didn’t notice the missing cookies…. Until I opened my pantry.

Booooooo…. So last night.. BH came home with these…


Imagine the look in my eyes??? Gleaming with joy!Super happy! If there’s one thing I totally love about BH, it’s his generosity – he sees no point in suffering if he can afford it. I.e. buying the cookies even when it’s costly! Haha.. What touched me the most is…. He bought it after work! I mean… The store is not even on the way or near his office! Haha… Though it’s a day early… It’s a great Valentine’s ay gift 🙂

The walkers cookies are a bonus… How cute!! If only they made them in corgi shapes.. Hehe


How are we spending vday? Well.. We are going for a painting class together!!! So exciting! I hope it turns out well… Hehehe..

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!!! My biggest wish this vday is… I hope all my current single friends (&sister) would find their mates soon!

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