6eptember 1st year highlights

this is an outdated post.. haha..but i still gt to blog abt it! 🙂

So on 6eptember this year, BH and I woke up bright and early ( it was the US long labour day weekend!) > but the weather was kinda gloomy.. in fact it rained… well.. anyway, I woke up and I saw this on the table


Upon looking at the gift.. any unhappy or grumpy girl would smile! haha… so… i was super surprised and excited to know what BH bought for me! wheeeee… my 1st Tiffany & Co. k!


So BH bought me a bracelet with a sweet charm!! wah!! I love it… but I put it on only to realise tt it’s too big for me 🙁 need to bring it back to alter..


Gave BH a gift too… a tee I bought from disneyland a mth back? haha… yes.. my gift is soooooo cheapo compared to his… i mean.. i’m not working right… heh.. but he was v happy … so ez to satisfy..


The card I took like 15mins to make? heh


So Bh and I spent the day looking at possible apartments to lease.. went over to explore ‘west seattle’ .. so beautiful.. but it was raining… didn’t manage to take pics …

Ended the night with dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory.. price was affordable… taste wise… erm… not worth mentioning :X

okie… so… just last Saturday… BH brought me to Tiffany & Co. to alter the bracelet BUT the sales person told us it will take 2 weeks… man… i don’t wanna wait… In the end, I reluctantly exchanged my bracelet with this necklace 🙂 well… it’s cheaper!! so BH still have $$ credited back to him… hehe… waiting for my bracelet .. hopefully i’ll get it in the next BIG EVENT..



Wore my Gmarket stuff last Saturday too.. love it :p


and you know what?? part of the 6eptember celebration includes going to San Francisco this thursday!! Happy girl and I’m looking forward to the trip ( and to Gucci Factory outlet.. wahaha)!!

Gmarket shopping *update*

yay!!! I received my Gmarket stuff today!

Date ordered: 29 Aug 2009

Date received: 9 Sept 2009

No. of items: 8

Total damage with shipping cost: US$103

Quite fast! 🙂 I think it cld have been faster IF there’s no labour day hols.. wahaha

The box –


Ripped open the box and the 1st thing i wanna try are the shoes!!! look at my new booties!!! stylo right? ;p and they have good soles!

Next pair …. good soles too! was kinda loose for me.. BUT fear not! each pair of shoes comes with a pair of padding… placed the padding in and it fits right!! feels super comfy too!!! ;p ( Buy a size bigger! It’s safer!)


now.. the super cute belt!! Heh.. it fits me right! but wrong size nvm.. look at the back of the belt – can adjust!

gmarket (9)
gmarket (10)

Last but not least… a group pic of all my stuff!!

gmarket (11)

I’m a happy girl and a very satisfied Gmarket buyer!! ;p

Gmarket shopping!

Rem I was fretting over shoes and how I can’t find what i want? haha… i actually wanted to join some sg sprees to get them BUT the shipping cost was just too high… sooo… I asked Liting (korean guru!)  for some suggestions and she intro me to Gmarket!! a wonderland for shopping I wld say! heh

Today, I spent the whole day trying to figure out how to shop at Gmarket… gee… it’s kinda confusing with all the stamps, option price, discounts and even mileage.So I read the info and how it worked… have been doing so far like the past few days… and FINALLY.. i made the purchase today.. phew…

Some things to note about Gmarket

1) Stamps/mileage are just like some ‘discounts’ for future usage.

2) The lowest price stated on the website is for SOME items only. Other items ( most of the time the nicer ones) are more ex, so the top-up price = ‘option price’

3) VERY IMPT! Rem to click the discount button if the shop has one! no click no discount! the discount is instant

4) Save more $$ by looking for a shop with FREE LOCAL SHIPPING ( Free shipping to the korea warehse)

5) Get ready pen and paper for shopping on Gmarket. Write down the item no. , item name ( in korean) and colour! So that you can put it in the cart. Yes! It’s like playing matching game for me

6) Finally, to double confirm if your matching skills is good… check using Google Translator. Just copy and paste the item, then google translates into English ( not accurate all the time BUT at least u sorta know what you bought)!

For payment, I used paypal > to ‘escape’ the international transaction fee. I really hope it works this way

As I’m still very much a noob for Gmarket, I am not sure how long the parcel will take to reach me or how much more they will charge me for international shipping. I’m keeping my fingers cross tt it will not be too much?? well, I will update on this when I gt more info.. heh

Total damage for 1st Gmarket shipping (includes domestic + international shipping): US$115

Total no. of items: 8 ( 2 pairs of shoes, 1 dress, 2 skirts, 2 tops, 1 belt)

Wanna see the pics?? Here goes!!

Bought my shoes from this shop – love it!! They sell pretty shoes – some have designs which are similar to the real designer shoes!! how cool is it!! 🙂 Now i hope the shoe size is correct!

real vanessa

Above shows the real one – dunno who Vanessa Bruno is… BUT below is a pic of a similar one I bought


Other misc. stuff 🙂


new dress

no clothes


Planning my next purchase.. hehehe…

oxford heels


But got to get my shoe size right 1st!!


Bh and I had made a BIG purchase recently …. We bought Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS Digital SLR Camera !!

Looking forward to its arrival on Thursday! 🙂