Annual checkup

Ok.. so I went for my annual physical exam today. It was alright since I already had the experience.

Everything went on fine..just waiting for lab results

After many years of hesitation, I have decided to go on the Pill – well.. it beats getting paranoid all the time.. and also ( the main reason) it reduces the bad tummy cramps during that time of the month

Healthier years ahead!

Bye 2012, Hi 2013

I feel so reluctant to bid goodbye to 2012

2012 had been an amazing year for me! I mean.. I can’t think of a year which could top this year 🙂 It’s the year that I felt that I can finally start living and stop worrying!

2012 is the year I broke my bond. I can’t say this enough BUT I feel so blessed that God helped us to manage our finance and see that this could be done. It’s quite a sum of $ BUT we did it!! I am so happy! Any regrets? No!!!!!

2012 also marks the year that we probably traveled the MOST. We went to Europe in April, back to SG in August and Disney World in Nov!!! wow!!! Finally got to Europe!!!

2012 treated myself to a Chanel PST and BH got me a pair of Chanel earrings which I always wanted!

2012 took the WA driving test….and passed on the 1st attempt!!! hahahaha… nono… this is clearly not skill.. I still think it’s luck 🙂

2012 tried HOT YOGA! I am someone who is quite hesitant to try new things BUT thanks to Jo, with her persistent persuasion, I joined her and it’s so far so good – though I still can’t touch my toes and can’t seem to get some poses right.. hehe

These are probably the highlights of 2012!!! and probably the BEST in my life so far!!! I am so very happy!!

While i know that it’s highly unlikely that 2013 will be as good as 2012… I am still looking forward…

1) we will probably be moving to another apt/townhouse – depending on what’s on the market

2) Hope to be better at yoga – as I intend to go on a regular basis

3) Rescue/adopt a corgi

4) Volunteer at children’s hospital or something along the line – hope to add meaning to my life

5) Get my own car!!!!


Happy New Year 🙂

I passed!!

yay!! Finally got my WA driving license 🙂

I consider myself v lucky! My tester is very kind to let me pass! Well.. I am still a timid driver.. hahaha

So.. My test is at 8.30am on a Saturday. I think it’s a pretty good timing because everyone is probably still sleeping. To top it up, there was slight showers.. so roads were quite empty.

Everything in my drive test went on well ( he only brought me to residential areas to drive – little traffic) until…I got to park on a hill… and i bump onto the curb! OMG.. In my head.. I was like that’s it! I also turned the wheel to the wrong direction ( should be AWAY from curb, I did otherwise 🙁 ) Erm.. that was -4 pts. Then we went onto a small road… He told me to turn RIGHT BUT i wanted to turn left! gosh… he alerted me again in time … I have a super bad sense of direction! At that time, I was thinking in my head “it’s ok… I can just retake the test”  Then I encouraged myself that “I still have hope – test is not over!”.. s0… I tried to be positive.. and perfected my parking!!

Drove back to test centre.. and it was time for results…. when he told me I passed.. I was sooooo happy!!! 🙂 Thank God for giving me such a lenient tester… hahaha… The passing score is 80 and I got 89… way to go!!

The only bad thing is… the photo of me on the driver’s license is really UGLY 🙁

hahaha.. But…. I passed! Happy Saturday! Now I have an identity in WA and I don’t have to carry my passport around!!

Snowing in Jan~~

Christmas came late?!

If you are wondering if I had gone kuku and blogged so many entries at one go… I am sorta going kuku.. as kuku as the weather! hahaha… It started snowing last Saturday, it’s Thursday now .. and still snowing… (even when I’m typing this!)

It’s beautiful to see snow BUT it’s kinda inconvenient because the roads and pavement are all covered! It’s not safe to drive too! BH actually went to work on Monday and Tuesday. Upon seeing the pouring snow and cars skidding outside our window,I told him to come home soon. Now he’s working from home ..

okok.. here’s some pictures of snow days!!!

You can’t even see the road!!

This is how u walk in the snow…

Us – eeks.. ugly pic of me!

Let’s go cycling~~ (I don’t know how to cycle by the way.. haha)

haha… a crazy girl ~~

Last but not least… The best companion in the snow … MY HUNTERS!!! My foot is dry and warm after a walk in the snow.. hehe

2012 .. IT’S HERE!

life is really and indeed not a bed of roses

2011 had been a year filled with ups and downs ( once again) You know.. . When all is well, something may just pop up.. I guess that’s when we learn.. and how we grow stronger.

2011 is the year I lost someone really dear to me, my grandpa. Just the thought of it makes me tear – he passed away on the very day I left SG. I know he is probably enjoying himself in a better place now – still… it upsets me that I’m not there 🙁

2011 is also a year that we finally got our HDB. If there is a reason why I am saving money/working hard.. it’s because of my home. I always thought and wanted my home to be perfect. Nice furniture and renovation. I was quite upset that all these things had to be compromised – for the greater good. I really hope that I will be able to achieve my dream home in the near future

2011 marks the year that we made the MOST friends ever since we first relocated here. haha.. we had been really contented with just the 2 of us that making more friends isn’t part of the plan. Then again, by a stroke of luck, we participated in a SG gathering ( our first in 3 yrs btw) and we met friends who intro us to even more friends. It’s nice to have friends to hang out and to share our food with 🙂

2011 also made me a good cook. I think I really enjoy cooking. I can look for recipes and get really excited to cook something new! I am embarrassed to admit it but cooking is fun! heh.. I do wish that what I like to do is something that would mk me rich in terms of wealth, rather than .. erm.. FATS?

2011 is also the year that I got my first CHANEL BAG! 🙂 I must thank you BH for his generosity! I feel very blessed to have a great hubby who is willing to spend $ on me.. haha..
Chanel WOC

2011 marks the first time I visited a doc here!! It is a bad year for me in terms of health. sigh… I went to the doc countless of times. Health is wealth! I also extracted 2 of my wisdom tooth ( the other 2 will be extracted this year)

I am looking forward to 2012!! I’m also scared… but….

I can’t wait to be FREE ( out of my bond)!! I was telling BH that on the day I get my FREEDOM, I will….. BAKE A CHEESECAKE! Yes… life is just so plain simple and sweet. Trust me.. it’s not the money! The road to freedom may not be ez… 🙁 I may or may not succeed.

I also wish for GOOD HEALTH… Health is very important!!!

I hope that we could get a dog we both like too – it will be perfect if it’s a rescue 🙂 It’s nice to have something we both love and can come home too ( nah.. not a human baby!!)

Another wish is to travel MORE! I realised that we haven’t been traveling much because we are saving $. I hope 2012 will be a better year for us financially??!! haha… I know it’s weird… we will probably be quite broke..but at least the money we earned is for our enjoyment and not to save up for other purpose!!oh… I also can’t wait for our Europe trip in April!!! OMG!!! Trip of a lifetime!! I also want to go to Disneyworld during Christmas!!!

and.. come April 2012 will also mean that BH and I had been together for *drumroll* 10 years!!! 😀 can’t believe it right!! heh.. I hope we will have many many more years together!

erm.. I think that’s all I can think of for now.. haha … HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!!! and… Do take care and be happy! There’s nothing more important than being happy 🙂

Merry X’mas!

haha.. well.. it’s not really over.. there’s 12 days!

The first thing that came into my head is… X’mas is over-rated with all the snow (fortunately the weather is super good this yr!) and presents. We tend to forget the real meaning of X’mas! Then again, the thing about me is I classify something as ‘over-rated’ just because nothing special happened. hehe…

Anyhow, we watched MI3 at IMAX on X’mas eve. We also walked by our very first home in Seattle – it’s currently occupied by someone else. The weather was beautiful…then we realised how much we miss Seattle. On X’mas, BH and I baked some cookies! It’s always nice to do something together. How can I forget? NBA season started too… grrrr…. After some nagging, we managed to squeeze in some time for a movie at home – we watched ‘ONE DAY’… such a bittersweet movie 🙁

I didn’t get him anything as X’mas present and I didn’t expect him to get me anything….However, BH still got me a small gift – Rachael Ray Lazy Spoon in Orange. He was like ” Just right for a lazy girl like you! ” Really??? Am I lazy? haha..

Christmas happens in you heart.. and I was just glad to have such a huge gift with me all the time – BH. haha… how lucky am I to hold on to my present everyday and nearly everywhere I go 🙂 I’m just hoping that it won’t be our last..

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (Just for in case, I didn’t drop an entry here in time)

1st visit to Corgi breeder

Well, BH had been thinking of getting us a puppy for the longest time. I’m not sure what makes him want to do so… maybe because I have been yakking about Bambi each time after I talked to my mum on the phone or maybe because my sis sends us pictures of Bambi or maybe because our friends here have dogs and we want 1 too or maybe he’s just bored that it’s just 2 of us 🙁 ? I really don’t know

While I was still at the stage of ‘toying’ with the thought of having a dog.. BH was searching for puppies/breeders online. He emailed this breeder at Ellensberg, WA – and we decided to take a 2hr drive down to see the pups on Saturday. That was the highlight of our week… we were excitedly looking forward to our trip to the breeder.

The night before, BH and I were out to do some shopping. Then BH was like “Hey.. I need to find ATM.. get money..” I didn’t find anything amiss.. but BH came back from the ATM and told me he withdrew $100 so that we could put deposit for the pup tml. I was taken aback by how serious he was and thought that he was really sweet. I mean.. he has really bad memory but the thought that he rems to take money for that purpose just shows how serious he was! That night, I was sleepless.. I was excited yet scared.

I had my reservations about having a pup:
1) I don’t know how to take care of a pup!!! I’m so new!!
2) I need to buy pup things to prepare for the home – what to buy? how to prepare? is there space?
3) Our apt is carpeted , pup will confirm dirty the place! how!!
4) I haven’t break my bond yet.. what if i need to go back? ( My sis won’t mind having a 2nd corgi.. haha)
5) We will be traveling next yr, who can help to take care? ( we have friends with dogs.. but not sure if they are willing to care for our pup)

The day came .. we woke up early (even earlier than the alarm) – went out for breakfast and drove to the breeder. It was a beautiful day.. we were admiring the scenery and ‘wowing’ at the beauty of nature… then we wondered how nice is it to have a dog to enjoy the beautiful day with.

We stopped along the freeway to take these pictures…

We finally reached the breeder and was greeted with a row of 4 adult corgis – woofing around as though to welcome us ( or threaten us not to bring the pups away) haha… we saw the pups.. they were so small.. like pieces of charcoal on the floor. We disinfected our hands then asked the breeder some qns and tried to play/socialise with the remaining pups.

For me, it was NOT love at first sight.. the pups just didn’t wanna come to me… I wonder if they could sense my fear… they all love BH ( or rather his shoes.. haha) anyhow, BH was really bought over by Boo…who rested next to him after playing. It was an epic moment! It’s a pity that I didn’t connect with any of the corgis… We left… feeling sad and disapted…

Memories of the pups – Aren’t they adorable?

Boo was taken 1 hr after we left ( breeder emailed us). I pray that the rest of the puppies will go to good homes.. their forever homes..

It’s more blessed to give than to receive

and yet, I am the receiver. I’m blessed. Thank you!

I believe I have been kinda out of touch with some of my friends in SG – I tried to keep in touch but since we don’t meet up often.. we drift apart. ah… it’s sad.. and inevitable.

I’m glad that I still have a couple of friends.. who always rem… it’s not the gift, it’s the thoughts and the intentions that touched me deeply. It may not mean anything to you but at that instant, I knew that I was in your thoughts 🙂 What an honor!

Evelyn sent me a Bra Bag – which I had been looking to buy for a long time! I felt that it is super useful for traveling. I LOVE IT TO BITS! She also got it in my fave colour 🙂 I’m so glad…. Just when I thought she was so sweet… she made her gift even sweeter by giving me a pair of really retro cool earrings!! Double happiness.. I literally flew up to the sky!

Caryn, knowing that I had been sick sent me VitC.. OMG!!! I was so touched that I could cry… She is so sweet.. she always rems… thank you!!! You shld have seen BH when he saw the Bak Kwa.. haha… he was like “I could eat all in 1 go!”

Thank you…. and Thank you again 🙂 I may be poor… BUT for 1 thing I know.. I am rich when I have friends like you! 🙂

Found this online and I just wanna remind myself and put it here..

Do It Anyway By Mother Theresa

People are often unreasonable, illogical,
And self-centered;
Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you
Of selfish, ulterior motives;
Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some
False friends and some true enemies;
Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank;
People may cheat you;
Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building,
someone could destroy overnight;
Build anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness,
they may be jealous;
Be happy anyway.

The good you do today,
people will often forget tomorrow;
Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have,
and it may never be enough;
Give the world the best you’ve got anyway.

You see, in the final analysis
it is between you and God
It was never between you and them anyway.

1st *real* physical exam


I told myself that no matter how busy I am, I need to blog about this.

AFTER my many visits to the doctor this year ( 5 times in 2 mths) , my friend advice me to go for a physical exam.. just for in case. ok, my first reaction to this is ‘eek… so paiseh…’ then again.. as the quote goes ‘prevention is better than cure’

I scheduled for this checkup 2 weeks ago and went for the exam on this fateful morning. (Note: To schedule after period) Lucky thing, I had seen Dr Le like for so many times.. I feel so comfy with her. haha… even the nurse/assistant and the receptionist know me.

The nurse took my weight, height and pressure then instructed me to undress completely and put on the gown. Then Dr Le came in and explain to me what she’s going to do. Amazingly, I don’t feel awkward with her. So we were chit-chatting ( likes friends) then she checked the ears, eyes, hair, scalp.

Then she did a breast exam – geee… it’s the first time since adulthood that I have a another person other than my husband touch me there! hehehe… I tried not to think about it and the process was … erm fast

Next, PAP smear. The way Dr Le describe it is “it’s abit like having intercourse” In my head, I giggled abit and wondered if I’ll have an orgasm.. wahaha… I know.. I just wanna blog about this because ALOT OF PEOPLE think that having PAP smear is ‘weird’ BUT it’s really like having intercourse. She lubricated this plastic long tool ( which we both laughed and agree that it looks like a penis) into my vagina then used another smaller tool to scrape the walls of the cervix. The moment lasted less than 5 mins? I thought it was fast and felt quite good? hahaha.. Just when I thought it was over, she needed to put her finger inside the vagina then press my abdomen to check my uterus.. a little weird to be fingered by another woman.. but … ok *swallow saliva*

After which, the nurse came in and gave me a Tetanus jab ( need to take this vaccine every 10 years)

I walked out of the procedure room feeling like… I just had sex with my doctor :X

ohh… then I went to the lab to draw blood for cholesterol test .. and that’s about it!

The whole checkup took 45 mins and insurance covered it all!

Now, I hope the results are good….

and I think I had an interesting trip to the doctor once again! wahaha

not a good sign

ok.. so it’s already one week and the pain for my wisdom tooth extraction just got worst. In the past few days, the only way to stop the pain is popping painkillers BUT last night, I popped like 2 painkillers and still hurts like siao 🙁 the checkup was supposed to be today BUT BH can’t bring me today.. so I got to tahan for 1 more night to see the dentist tml.. seriously, I can’t wait! I wanna find out what’s the problem with me!

Anyhow, I googled my pain online and have a sick feeling that I might be suffering from another infection, what they call ‘Dry Socket’ OMG.. I seriously have no idea what is going on with me.. I am so infection-prone ever since I came back from SG!

Tml I will be heading to the oral surgeon for check up.. thursday, I will be heading to the doctor for another check-up wrt to MRSA

I feel perfectly fine and normal… BUT I have no idea why I have so much problems internally

and this month… sets to record that I am going to the dentist/doctor every week…

Just kill me – I think my end is near