Disneyworld โ€“ Day 3 Animal Kingdom

I think this park is the most boring of all. Well.. it has alot of animals (duh!) and it doesn’t have the ‘magical’ feel which I like. haha.. this park also closes the earliest

17 Nov

Ok.. so BH wasn’t feeling well.. i think probably indigestion? We had a very short and unexciting day here. Hmm.. photos are limited too as we used the lomocam

Luckily, BH was feeling under the weather.. I was spared from taking ‘Expedition Everest’ย ย  Phew! The parade in this park is also “meh…”

The most exciting was a ride through the safari… wow! the animals are real and they are super close to u! good experience! It’s like we are suddenly in Africa!


That’s all…. our Day 4 is really awesome though! Stay tuned!

Disneyworld โ€“ Day 2 Magic Kingdom

Disney isn’t Disney till you see the majestic Cinderella castle ๐Ÿ™‚

16 Nov

The first Disneyland Bh and I went to was the one in Tokyo. Well.. Disney is always magical.. no wonder it’s called the happiest place on earth. I feel even more magical in Magic Kingdom since… it’s the HQ!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


Marie the cat was the first character we saw… OMG.. she is sooo adorable! What I love about this disneyland is taking a photo is NEVER a snap and go experience – the characters actually interacts with u.. and the superb photographers will capture these precious moments… and yes… no matter how young or old , they treat u the same!!! LOVE!!

Things at Disney are not cheap… The lanyard that I’m using was from my Tokyo Disneyland trip – it lasted sooooo long!!! It’s super useful to put fastpass and disney day tix/resort card. After 1000000x coaxing from BH.. i decided to invest on the ears… hahaha… don’t I look good in it? hehe.. i should have bought it many years ago but was too overwhelmed with practicality – decided to put all these thoughts away during this trip!

Nobody can miss the parade at Disney!!! Love how joyful and happy everyone are!!

More pictures!!!

So happy!!! It’s a happy place u know!!! yes… it’s crowded.. but we were very patient to wait in line for pics and rides – most of the time.. it’s worth it (for me la.. BH finds it boring and childish)!!!

It gets dark very soon… On selected nights (like this night we were in the park), there is a “very merry x’mas party” This is a special event that requires you to purchase extra tix to enjoy the extended hrs, special performance, parades and meet characters who don’t usual come out for pics! oh.. u also get free flow of hot choc/apple juice/apple slices and cookies all night long! wow!

BH told me about this parade – it was $65/person !! I was too stingy so I told him “don’t bother to spend the extra $” However, I was really excited with the things I can see/do and was reluctant to leave at 7pm ( when the park starts to shun away people who don’t have the special wristbands – YES.. they DO CHECK) .. so we bought the tix last minute and join in the fun!!

You know what makes the night even more magical? We were in line to buy tix and happened to chat with a lady in front of us. She was super friendly…then she told us that she have extra 2 tix for the special event because her son and in-laws’ flight was delayed! She was super nice and wanted to give us the tix!! Imagine!!! $130 for FREE!!! BH felt super bad.. and paid her $100! Lucky us!!!

It was a great night… totally worth it!! I mean.. if $65/$50 can mk me happy… why not??!!

Another tiring day spent at Disney… I fell asleep with sweet dreams ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks to my dearest hubby!

Disneyworld – Day 1 Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We took a whole lot of pictures and I’m wondering where shld I start?!

There’s 4 major Disney theme parks. We bought a package via a vacation planner: Small World Vacations The package includes 4 night stay at Pop Century resort , 3 Nights at Art of animation resort, 7 days pass to themepark+ Free 4 days of quick service meals

15 Nov

We reached Orlando bright and early *yawnz* Early means 6.30am ( there is a time difference of 3 hrs!) We were zombified BUT glad to survive the uncomfortable plane ride

First thing.. we took the Magical Express and checked into the Pop Century Resort We took the room which was available ( twin beds instead of King) as we just wanted to rest a little before heading out. The thing about staying inside a Disney’s resort is your bags will be transported magically to your room – there’s no need to wait for it at baggage claim or carry it yourselves! Another thing is.. u can get free bus transport to all the parks + downtown disney! No need to rent car/drive! I love holidays when both of us can relax!


As you can see, there’s nothing special about this room. In fact, this resort is quite dated. I am glad that we booked the Art of Animation resort in the later part of the stay as it is very new and beautifully furnished!

We headed to the first park….

Disney offers this photopass – it’s a card that you give the photographer and they will save the pictures for u. You are not obliged to buy the pics and they will stay in their system for 1 mth!! wow! anyway, their photographers are quite good! Hence, we took many pictures!! I think it’s the first vacation that we have so many pictures together!


My favorite ride – Midway Mania! It’s like a virtual paintball shooting game in a vehicle! Super fun! I played this 3 times!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love it to max! Strongly suggest that once u step into the park, zoom to this attraction and take a fastpass – the waiting line is the LONGEST of all the rides!

Ok… so while i take my fave ride for the 3rd time, BH went for the Tower of Terror! Gosh.. I was supposed to go with him BUT chickened out.. He went for it alone and LOVES it!!

The highlight of the night is the Dancing Lights along of streets of this park! OMG! it’s soooo cool..ย  the lights on the buildings lit up to the rhythm ofย  the Christmas songs! The colourful decorations gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling… ah…. I feel so happy and blessed that I get to experience all these with my fave person! ๐Ÿ™‚

It was a tiring 1st day… we survived almost 12 hrs of no proper sleep… zzzzz.. in fact, I think I fell asleep during the Fantasmic fireworks show….

To be continued…

Eventful flight to SG

I had the most eventful flight ever back to SG.

I guess it’s just me.. I like to plan my trips way in advanced..I like to know how my finance situation would be after spending XX amount of money on tickets.. and also.. I like to have something to look forward to. Hence, I booked my flight via SQ website on Jan 20, 2012. [And it just slipped my mind that I need to check for any flight changes prior the trip!!]

My flight was supposed to be on the 31 July departing from SEA to LAX, 10am. When I arrived at SEA, I was told the flight had rescheduled to be earlier, 9am! I was shocked as I did not receive any email/phone call to notify me of the change. As a result, I missed the flight. The staff at SEA managed to reroute me to LAX via PDX. However, the flight was delayed at PDX, causing me to miss my SQ11 flight on that day! I was devastated! In the end, I got rebooked for the next day’s flight and redirected back to SEA. Just when I thought the worst was over, I realised that one of my check-in baggage was missing! (Fortunately, it was located at the LAX airport much later – it was a scary experience nevertheless)

Finally, I arrived at SIN one day later (3 Aug) It was due to the fact that SQ did not inform me of the 1st flight change that I experience many hiccups in this trip! I not only lost one precious day of reunion with my family and also missed celebrating my Dad’s birthday ๐Ÿ™

Yes, I did email SQ about my situation asking for compensation…However, I didn’t receive any. *sob*

Reminder to self: Not to take SQ for future travels to SG

1) Domestic flights are quite unpredictable – I might reach SFO/LAX late, hence missing my flight
2) At LAX, I will need to walk about 10mins to Terminal B to catch the international flight to SG ( Lucky thing: Check-in luggages will go all the way to SG)

Then again, I cannot ignore the fact that it’s nice to hear the stewards/stewardess speaking Singaporean English after a long while ๐Ÿ™‚

The many firsts~~

It’s amazing that we are still experiencing many first times though we are here for more than 3 years ๐Ÿ™‚

Our first picnic

Our first road trip with friends to Portland over Memorial Day weekend

Our first baby’s birthday party

I’m feel so blessed~~

Prada Outlet (Space)

20 April 2012

I am not into Prada .. but I don’t mind MiuMiu ๐Ÿ˜€

Since we are in Florence, we decided to visit the outlet. I didn’t do any research on the bags/wallets before the trip.. so I was not sure how cheap/expensive things were…

We only had like 1 hour to shop because we needed to get back to Florence for our train to Rome , departing at 1pm. It was a very short trip – we kinda speed shopped. Not a good idea :/


BH and I took public transport to space outlet (train then share cab) Once you reach Montevarchi station, you will see a no. of people running towards the taxi stand – all going to the same place. Sharing a cab to the outlet cost 3euros/person while taking a cab entirely to yourselves cost 12euros

We left Florence at 9am and reached the outlet at 10am. The outlet only opens at 10.30am ( we went on Friday morning) BUT there was already a line. Do take a number ( we were top 30) as you will need it when you pay at the cashier

Maybe we were the earlybirds – I personally feel that the selection of items were WOW!! There were many items which were still selling in US stores and it is in this outlet already! Amazing! the prices of some items were more than 50% cheaper than US price ( after 12.5% tax refund)!

There were also a huge selection of MiuMiu accessories like wallets, card holders. However, there were only a handful of MiuMiu bags – Grab them fast!

Some items I bought – styles are still on the US website!

1) Prada Shopping Tessuto (This bag is commonly seen in Singapore! I only saw this colour and there was only 1 pc left… so I grabbed!!! you shld have seen how ‘jealous’ the other ladies were when they saw that I found this GOLD)

There’s no defects on this bag.. I think it’s just an off season colour!
Price tag: 550 euros
Price paid: 440 euros
After tax refund: 388 euros = US$496 (see how much i saved!!)

2) Miu Miu Bauletto Vitello

This bag have some minor scratches BUT I am cool with it. I got it and it’s my first MiuMiu bag!
Price tag: 370 euros
Price paid: 296 euros
After tax refund: 260 euros = US$334 (Look at the difference in the cost on the website!)

3) Prada Nappa wallet

This buy is probably my BIGGEST regret.. The wallet looks perfect outside BUT inside it has some glue stains which had been removed, leaving a stain ๐Ÿ™ It’s not obvious unless i point it out to you.. would love a more perfect wallet though. It also didn’t come with the authenticity card ( I know it’s authentic BUT no proof) This is an example of a type 4 defect by the way

Price tag: 215 euros
Price paid: 150 euros
After tax refund: 132 euros = US$169

The men section was also packed with great deals! wallets and belts are much cheaper than boutique price!

The wallet BH bought –

Price tag: 140 euros
Price paid: 140 euros ( no additional discount)
After tax refund: 123 euros = US$158

BH also bought a belt which cost 60 Euros

Our loots –

I love the MiuMiu passport holder which I found in the outlet (68 Euros) to match with my MiuMiu wallet ๐Ÿ™‚

1) Some bags/wallets come with some minor defects/scratches. They will be priced differently – this means the REAL price could be lesser than the price on the price tag. The no. on the price tag will indicate if the item is on additional discount or not. The no. range from 3 -5. ‘5’ being the worst. The SAs are more than willing to point out the defects to you.

2) After you decide on the items, the SA will hold it at the counter for you – That’s when the no. which you took earlier comes to use. Rem your no. else you may create a lot of confusion when you pay!

3) If you are rushing off to the train station, do get the cab company’s no. to call a cab! We were panicking when we didn’t see any cab in sight after we shopped. Fortunately, a cab came in the last minute – else we would have missed the trains

All in all, it’s a great place to shop if you are into Prada + MiuMiu! Would love to go again! ๐Ÿ˜€

BUONGIORNO Roma + Chanel PST reveal!

Every city we go to there’s a story ๐Ÿ™‚

Rome April 20-23

It’s unbelievable that we were FINALLY in ROME! I looked at my surrounding.. breathe in the air (not very fresh.. alot of smokers)… and can’t help but to give a little ‘scream’ inside me… wah… I have been waiting to come here for soooo long… and finally… not in June or December.. we are here! I must have said this countless times but it’s such a blessing!

We stayed at this Airbnb It was a modern apartment with great furnishing! wished that was our home! ( The place was generally nice and clean. However, i found the comforter dirty as I saw blood stains on it! )

Believe or not.. BUT the first place we went in ROME was CHANEL – The SA in Paris checked that the bag I wanted is in ROME! wah.. and I can’t reserve it :/ We put down our belongings in the apartment and ‘chiong’ to Chanel. Chanel is sooo crowded… OMG.. u got to wait for someone to serve you…. As I was waiting, i saw another lady who came into the store with the picture of the very bag I wanted. I panicked! BH too! haha.. so BH approached a SA and told her firmly that we had waited for a very long time and was still not helped ( This was one the rare times that BH is not passive! haha) Yayness… we were served shortly… and the lady.. who saw that we were both asking for the same bag panicked! haha… fortunately the store had 2!!! It was ‘hidden’ at the back and not displayed in store!!! Love love!

I bought it immediately!!! Finally putting my hard saved money into something i really wanted! Happy girl!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ I finally acquired what I pined for w/o burning/perishing


Petite Shopping Tote (PST)

For records –
Cost: 1300 euros OR US$1712.04 (as reflected on credit card)
Tax refund in cash: US$219
Total cost in USD: US$1493.04
Cost of buying in US: US$2000
Amt saved: US$506.96+tax!! (25% cheaper)

PS: My WOC which BH bought cost US$1595+tax .. look at how much I saved for a bigger bag! That’s why the PST is HOT! AND it is going to be discontinued soon… BUY IT IF YOU CAN! Btw.. my WOC had increased price by US$100!! By the time PST becomes extinct…. I will be holding an antique!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Enough Chanel talk… heh… other placed we visited..

Very crowded.. we didn’t get to sit on these steps

well.. I rem watching a movie, When in Rome and I told myself that I must go there and mk a wish at the Trevi Fountain! I’m so glad.. I have the chance to.. haha… and my wish is….. *not telling you*

Very crowded too! we were lucky that this man volunteered to take this picture for us ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t u love helpful strangers?

Next.. Vatican City! Do you know that VC is a independent country?! It has its own guards + postal service + radio station!

Everyone was taking water was the fountain.. so we assumed that it was Holy water? haha… BH was coming down with a running nose – I could have spread it to him.. so I told him to drink the Holy water… and guess what?!! The running nose went away! Amazing!

ok.. we can’t take pictures at Sistine Chapel BUT it was a TRUE highlight.. luckily we got Rick’s book from our host – it was a 2001 guide BUT it explained the paintings! Sistine Chapel is a HUGE WOW! DO BUY YOUR TICKETS ONLINE IN ADVANCED 38 euros for 2 person – the line to buy tickets is extremely LONG! we are glad that we can skip the queuing and go straight to security checks then enter the museum

It was another huge WOW for me! It’s hard to believe that we are looking/standing on such a famous historical landmark!

Roman forum was kinda boring… maybe I’ve got overload of roman stuff… geez… even Rick’s guide can’t excite me.. haha

For the Colosseum + Forum, 2 day admission fee $11euros/person. Opens from 9am-7pm

We got to see this parade!! How cool to see gladiators marching towards the Colosseum.. even cooler that I managed to take a pic with one! hahaha

last but not least…

Overall… It was a great vacation!!! Oh… tax refund in Rome airport T5 was extra easy for me ( no long lines + the lady at the customs was only interested to look at my Chanel.. haha) I mean.. I read many horror stories about how long the lines are and how people nearly miss their flights.. I guess… flights in T5 are US-bound + fewer asians.. so.. the refund was very fast and easy – make me so kanchiong go airport early.. haha..

Alina + Jo picked us up from the airport!! It was so nice to see both of them after 2 weeks!!! It was already late at night and Jo made Salted duck soup for us!!! ooo… such a sweet gesture… we were very touched… It’s great to have friends like them ๐Ÿ™‚

Ciao Venezia + Firenze + Pisa! (April 16 – 20)

Venice ( 16 – 18 April)

The closest BH and I ever got to Venice was The Venetian at Las Vegas and Macau.. haha.. I clearly rem that the skies at The Venetian were clear blue – I thought that it was just the artists’ impression of the place. I was so wrong.. the real Venice is indeed v pretty! The skies are blue and every picture you take is nice!

From Paris, we took Easyjet to Marco polo Airport. We only reached at night, 8pm. We took the booked the Water Taxi on Viator to bring us to our hotel. It’s a pity that it’s late and dark, we didn’t take any pictures on the water taxi. In fact, when we reached Venice it was quiet .. like a ghost town

we checked into our hotel and rested early that night – I was still feeling horrible because of my cold :/

Our hotel is The Westin, Europa and Regina We paid US$100/night as we managed to claim our SPG points for it. We were hoping to get a free upgrade to a room facing the waters BUT we didn’t. We only got upgraded to a suite.. oh well.. better than nothing

The next day, we woke up bright and early… it was a beautiful day!

We had a hard time looking for food which is affordable. I mean.. Venice is VERY touristy and it’s an island! Price of food/drink is high! We walked around and settled for food at a cafe (where there’s a lot of locals) Order your food BUT DON’T find a place to SIT The price of coffee when u sit and stand is different! We paid 2X more coz we sat. eeks!

So Venice is about walking around and getting lost… a map doesn’t help much

We spent the day walking around and chilling out at a cafe when we are tired.. it was really relaxing.. nah.. we didn’t take a gondola ride as it was kinda ex

We only spent a short time in Venice… after about 2 days, we left for Florence via Train. You can reach Venice train station easily by taking the Water bus ( it’s the last stop) and a stone throw away from the pier (literally)

Oh yes.. our FREE mask from the hotel

How scary! Got it free because the hotel forgot to give us a welcome gift as SPG members. In the end, we got the extra points + the mask! Yes, it’s so bulky but we lagged it back home in 1 piece

Florence (18-20 April)

This is the 1st time we are taking the train in italy. There’s no need to go thru’ security checks or check in your luggage. It was really ez and convenient + the trains are v punctual and well maintained

After a few games of Hangman with BH – we reached Florence

We stayed at an Airbnb apartment This place is super cool and nice! Love the kitchen! Just that the climb up the flight of stairs (6 floors!) with luggage is a HUGE turn-off!

I personally feel that Florence was a little boring.. the weather was really wet too.. and it makes travelling v sianz..

Below shows the 3 BEST things in Florence (in my opinion)

Beautiful view of Florence.. it was a HUGE wow~~~~ The journey to this place was painful and tedious… we took a bus and it took v long… the traffic is extremely bad. We were really lucky because the rain stopped for the 30-45mins when we were there ๐Ÿ™‚

Trattoria il Contadino is the BEST place we have eaten at! The price is affordable and the food is good! This restaurant does not have a fixed menu, the menu changes everyday! The server will tell you what they are serving for the day and you choose 3 courses + drink for $12euros! (Yes, the server repeats the menu to EVERYBODY) We ate here 2X. Thanks to our host who told us about this place! I only found out much later that this place was highly rave about on tripadvsior. We have our dinner around 6pm – it was still empty… The line gets super long when its around 7!

Space is the Prada + Mui Mui outlet! How can I miss that! haha.. I am not the only one who shopped, BH also bought wallet and belt. I am truly blessed to have a husband who likes shopping! well.. we reached Space at 10am, the place opens at 10.30am! Our no. is 23 and 24. You need to take numbers to go into the outlet for payment purposes. Read more about Space outlet here ๐Ÿ˜€

Pisa ( 19 April)

We used Florence as a base to make a Day Trip to Pisa.

The weather was really bad – it was drizzling… we didn’t go up to the tower :/ Pisa pretty much have nothing besides the leaning tower… we snapped a few pics and headed back…

At some angles, the tower don’t look slanted.. haha..

ok.. next (and last stop) ROMA!

Bonjour Paris! (13th April – 16 April)

In 2004, my family joined a Europe tour and visited Paris.
At that time, BH and I only dated for 2 years. I remembered that in the tour group there was this newly wedded couple and the husband bought the wife a Gucci bag! haha.. I was quite envious.. I don’t even own any branded bag!I told myself tt if I ever get married, I not only wanna go to Europe for honeymoon BUT I want my husband to buy branded bags for me! heh.. what childish thoughts! besides buying branded bags, I’m just glad that BH did more things for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Who would have known that after 8 years, I re-visited Paris with my husband and had a totally different experience!! I feel so blessed and I thank God wholeheartedly for all these things I don’t deserve

From BCN, we flew to Paris via Easyjet We choose Easyjet instead of Ryanair because we feel that Ryanair is kind of shady? haha… that’s our opinions.. anyway, Easyjet’s price is about the same as Ryanair, so we booked it.

We were pleasantly surprised by how NEW Easyjet was.. the aircraft was WAY NEWER than the rubbish AA flight we took.. It was so much more comfy than our long haul flight. The air steward is sooooo good looking!! OMG! I wanna take a pic of him BUT didn’t get a chance to! wasted.. We later discovered that Easyjet was only 4 years old! heh.. so…. take Easyjet!!

At Paris, we choose to stay at an Airbnb apartment It was relatively cheap at US$97 at a good location! I was really glad that we stayed in an apartment because we saved $ on breakfast and water since we have a mini kitchen. There were also supermarket nearby to buy food should you be sick of eating hard and often cold baugette :/ I have no idea why Parisians enjoyed it

First, we went to –

Sorry for the bad reflection on the pictures. This is a pest control shop which was mentioned in the Pixar movie, Ratatouille. I wondered if those rats were ONCE REAL because they are seriously HUGE!

We purchased a 2 days Museum pass $39 euros/pax which allows us to enter MOST of the museums and we could bypass the LONG lines for buying tickets! How cool!

Of course… we went to…

Most of descriptions/explanations of the exhibits are in french. Yes, there are some boards with English translations BUT you got to wait to get your hands on the board. We didn’t rent the audio guide, so most of the time we were quite lost. I mean.. we are not exactly artsy people .. so we just zoom to the more popular exhibits like the Mona lisa ( which is ALWAYS crowded , bottom left pic)

IF Spain loves Antoni Gaudi.. I think France’s fave is Leonardo Da Vinci …EVERYTHING Leonardo is ‘wah’!! haha.. u get the picture. Yes, I agree that you can spend days in the museum BUT you need to
1) read/understand french OR
2) rent the audio guide OR
3) do your homework/research beforehand
…..to fully enjoy the museum.

Unfortunately, we didn’t do any of the above… BUT we have Rick Steves’ guide!!! OMG!!! Our host from Airbnb actually have a Rick Steves!!! I tell u that book saved our life!!! We followed his guide – we not only saw the IMPORTANT exhibits BUT we also understood the history/story behind it! ๐Ÿ˜€ Phew… A must buy – Rick Steves’ guide for your Europe holiday!!

With the museum pass, we also went to

Pictures are not allowed here BUT I was really lucky to take this clear picture ( without anyone inside !!) before I realised it! ๐Ÿ˜€ Ok.. this museum is less crowded than the Lourve.. Good to go IF you have the museum pass!

what about the food??

If you are thinking of saving money on food in Paris… DON’T!! I mean.. the food is really expensive.. McDonald is also expensive… so.. I suggest just eat at any cafe. It’s a lose lose situation because no matter how, no matter what THERE ARE TOO MANY TOURIST in Paris… so you will be served the tourist menu ( usually set meals) – It’s better than eating bread/pastries all day long… believe it or not BUT the ice-cream was the softest thing I ate in Paris.. haha… before i forget.. Do try Nutella Crepes..

It’s sold in stores like this and it’s quite tasty!

At this point… I was so stuffed with bread… and really wanted American or Asian or best still… a REAL kitchen so I can cook!!! OMG!

This attraction is covered in the museum pass too BUT the line to go up to the top is awfully LONG! I will strongly recommend that you wait in line ( we waited for 1 h) because you will NOT be disappointed!

It is a long climb up BUT worth every single step or breathe! It’s better than the top of Eiffel. I think we spent a pretty long time there.. and loved it! I feel that Notre dame is the Best attraction on the Museum pass (better than Lourve Museum)

NOW… the icon of Paris …

We didn’t go up the tower because we felt that it’s pointless. When we are on Eiffel Tower, we can’t see it anymore.. what’s the point?? right? [That’s y we feel that it’s better to go up to Top of The Rock in NYC than Empire state Building] Anyhow, BH really wanted to stay until the lights were up (8pm) It was extremely cold and chilly at night and I was kinda under-dressed. I caught a cold the next day! booo!

On the same chilly night.. we also went to .. Triumphal Arch

The background picture was taken on top of the Arch.. the view was great! You got to climb more stairs to reach it ( about 200 steps one way) I think we climbed alot of stairs in our trip.. luckily we went to Paris YOUNG!

AND…It was super cold (as usual) BUT Bh really wanted to capture more pictures… so… I not only caught a cold the next day BUT a very BAD cold.. BOO BOO!!

The next day… we went to the Pharmacy to get cold medicine ( sigh.. i have no idea how I forgot to pack my medicine pouch in my bag!!) Anyway, there’s tonnes of Pharmacy around. One more thing… DO NOT GO TO PARIS ON SUNDAY! everything is closed (think shopping mall) except for museums..

We planned for Versailles Day trip ( Train cost $6.50 euros/pax RT)

Ok.. it was super crowded… we read all about it on Steves’ guide… so we kinda know the more popular things to look at.

We didn’t go inside the palace’s garden as we need to pay ( not covered in museum pass)+it was drizzling+I was down with cold+we had no umbrella. In fact, the Versailles trip only took 1/2 a day! I feel that the outside was really stunning… its interior was just as stunning… a pity that it was just too crowded :/

We spent the other 1/2 of the day going into random museum covered in the pass and called it a day early

The last day in Paris, we went to the biggest shopping complex (I won’t even call in a mall) – This place was bursting with tourist from China. I was even approached by a Chinese national to help her to buy Chanel bag because her passport had been maxed out ( there is a limit on the no. of bags one can buy)

Anyhow.. I was super disapted that I didn’t find the bag I had been yearning for… so I just splurge on a MiuMiu wallet (bad idea.. because MiuMiu is cheaper in Italy) I felt happier after spending money though

We discovered that there’s a GOOD viewpoint of the Eiffel Tower on the top level of Lafayette. Admission is free!!! There’s also a food court in Lafayette which you can eat for slightly cheaper and enjoy the view of the Effiel Tower!

Last but not least… a picture just to remind BH (if he ever reads this blog) that he owe me something… wahahah..

Overall, Paris is just a ok place for us. I mean.. there’s just too many people + tourists. It reminds me of NYC! The place is not exactly clean and people smoke a lot.. and they smoke as they walk!!! I feel that it’s quite inconsiderate!! If I live in Paris, I think I’ll die a passive smoker. eeks! If and only if I ever go to Paris again, I am going to bring a lock and put it on the Alexandre III Bridge…haha.. “Lock u up!” I told BH

Next stop… Venice~~~