Less than perfect weekend?

haha.. nah.. don’t get it wrong.. my weekend had been quite fruitful and fun. It was nice to finally get into the momentum of things, doing things we like. The weather had been awesome, it was very sunny BUT not humid. I am also glad that after 1.5 weeks and lots of exercise, we finally snap out of the ‘jetlag’ 🙂 phew!

The thing about me is I like to wake up bright and early so that we won’t waste the day! So on saturday, BH and I woke up at 7 then drove to a nearby park for tennis. oh.. did i just typed tennis? haha… I rem how BH, YM and I played tennis at NUS. man… I was such a bad tennis player then ( good ball picker though!) and I’m….. still as bad at tennis now! haha.. so I guess Tennis to me should NOT be called ‘Tennis’ .. it’s a ‘pick up balls’ sport. BH said tt playing tennis with me is like playing fetch with a dog! Boo!!! After 1 hour of pick up balls, we decided to play basketball which BH commented that I’m definitely better at.. hahaha.. at least I can ‘hamtum’ shoot some hoops! heh…

as though we were Energizer bunnies, we went to Costco to buy peaches. Heavenly peaches! I love summer… for PEACHES!!! 😀 Came home finally and BH cooked instant noodles for me.. haha.. which taste great! Looks like his INSTANT NOODLES cooking skills improved after 2.5 mths of training! haha… After the food, we went to Redmond Farmers’ Market which is a short walk away! I LOVE farmer’s market!!!! I seriously think that Redmond’s Farmers’ Market is one of the best!!!! 🙂 Bought veges there, love the fresh organic vege… more ex BUT healthy and FARM FRESH! I bought fresh flowers too!!!

Now our home smells like fresh flowers… reminds me of the flowers on our wedding day… smells so good…

No… that’s not the end of our sat. , 2 of our Singapore friends are going home for good 🙁 so we sent them to the airport. It’s sad to see friends leave.. oh well… till we meet again!

On sunday, I was tired from the previous day’s activities.. haha.. I slept in till 9am ( still early but considered late for me) Got BH to sell his rubbish on craigslist. Just as I wanted to sell my kindle ( which I raved about.. we decided that the one with special offers is better… there’s a promo code of 50% off groceries!!!) I realised that the bloody 3G is NOT working! Really sad…called customer service… he tried to troubleshoot BUT it just isn’ working.. in the end, he offered to replace.. even better 😀 Waiting for the new one to arrive

BH did his monthly hsework, change bedsheet! wah.. he’s really good at it man! Fast and neat!! 😀 I think he mks a good Chambermaid! hahaha… so blessed tt BH naturally know how to do 1 household chore PERFECTLY!

Then we learnt of a deal at Sports Authority , so we went to buy matching shoes!

Not sure how much these shoes cost in SG, it cost US$99 each BUT we did our maths and were confident that each pair will cost US$35 (before tax) if the deal is right. However, we did 1 deal wrongly, so shoes cost US$55 each. I was super disapted.. the shoes were love at first sight!!! 🙁 haha.. so we are still thinking if we shld keep these shoes or nt… hehe

Ended our night at Matador – One of our fave place to chill out because the Happy Hours ( 4-6pm) are super worth it! and.. it’s so walkable to our home, so we can drink all the alcohol we want! hahaha…

You know what? what I have now… it’s perfect… don’t think anything can replace this..


stands for World’s Worst Shopper and that happens to be me. Well, BH came up with this term after my many failed shopping trips. I can nv understand how women can shop/spend money just like how they use water from a tap! Ok, maybe that’s y shoppers are always happy and me? I’m not.

Even with the awesome return/exchange policy, I hardly buy anything when I’m in the states. Weird isn’t? As compared to SG, I have to admit that clothes are cheaper there.. erm.. but they don’t usually fit me well. I end up shopping at kids section which is cheaper…. BUT there’s a couple of times I end up wearing the same t-shirt as a little girl!! *gasps!* how embarassing! BH hates it when I wear the white hairband with tiny stars on it… he will be like ” OMG.. u are not wearing that right? it’s so kiddish!” what can i say? only kids size fit my head ( though i think my head is big)???

Because of many instances like the above, BH came up with W.W.S. When I’m back in SG, I need to mk a number of purchases. It was just so difficult to start shopping. It’s like I’m the one who was supposed to buy things for the house BUT in the end.. my sister bought stuff and i didn’t. OMG… i suck at shopping!!!!

While shopping for some household stuff like aircon for our flat… I chose the cheapest and ignored the design.. BH was like ” why don’t you top-up the $ for a nicer design one?” ok… too late… I nearly made the same mistake for the fridge BUT was stopped by my mum and sis. Right…. I’m not sure if W.W.S is a result of being stingy or thrifty. I have no idea. I only know that I am a lousy shopper… 🙁

I think I need someone to teach me to shop w/o thinking of the money spent really.

Btw.. I was looking online.. thinking of buying clothes from blogshops… and my mum spotted this.. ” She was like.. it’s so nice!! you buy la… ” W.W.S finally resisted and bought it! Thanks to my mum.. I bought the last piece in my size! keke.. looking forward to receive it in the mail… the dress is so ‘Kate Spade’ !!!

Dress bought:

Kate Spade’s Candy shop Jeanette Dress

Between BH and me.. the spender is definitely him.. :X

#10 toilet doorsX2 + sliding windows for service yard

Total: $1190

Installation date: 9 June

Company: Kau Sheng Aluminium Interior Design Pte. Ltd

sigh…. not the best… long story 🙁 My dad insisted on getting this contractor which he saw from a flyer. We met him at our flat. His flyer advertised that the cost of 1 door is $150 BUT in the end, he measured our doors and say that ours is the BIGGER one, so the cost will be $350 w installation blah blah! I didn’t mk the bedroom doors with him as I think Yontat is so much better and nicer

In the end, because we felt obliged, we made the sliding windows for the yard ( 4 panels): $650 + 2 bathroom folding doors. suspended type (no thread below): $270 X 2

1) Realised tt we might need to change an electrical pt in the kitchen because it will be blocked by the sliding door 🙁
2) I also kinda regretted making those aluminium toilet door – I think it will look weird. Thinking of making 1 of those in the masterbedrm will do, not sure if I can cancel order of 1 door

It’s getting difficult to balance family and reno 🙁 I know my dad meant well..and I don’t want to disrespect or disobey him. I am just caught in between

#8 Lights + Ceiling fan w lights + Instant Heater

Champ Jolly electric Heater
Amasco Ceiling fan with retractable blades and lights

When closed ….it looks like a ceiling light

When fan is closed....

When opened.. it’s a fan!

Exactly what I was looking for!! Super happy!! Not the nicest BUT at least it still looks alright…. hehe… NO NEED TO MAKE FALSE CEILING!!! YES!!!

3 Bedroom lights
2 toilet lights
1 bombshelter light
1 service yard light
2 kitchen light ( there’s 2 electrical pts in kitchen)

1 walkway light

1 dining area light


Nothing special about the lights we bought BUT we just want it simple and minimal. In other words, we r trying to recreate our SG home to be kinda like our US apartment. haha… I have no idea why… BUT we just like it… simple.. and yet slick..

Total damage: $1288 ( Free installation and delivery)
Installation date: June 22
Location: Bright House Lighting Pte Ltd @ newly open branch, Midview city

Special thanks to my sis for mking a LONG distance call to BH to get him to check his emails and texts, my dad for chauffering me around to looks for these items and my mum for her valueable suggestions

#7 Aircon

Ok. I made the first ever pruchase for our flat – the aircon

Purchased a Sanyo System 3 ( non-inverter) from Gain City. It has 3 ticks, shld be better among the non-inverters

Total damage: $2059

Date of installation: 13 June


At least I have 1 thing off my list. Doing the reno in a LDR is very difficult, it also doesn’t help when we are in different timezone. In the end, my dad makes all the decisions for us 🙁

I am excited BUT I know BH doesn’t feel the joy with me… I can send him a very long email and all I get in return is as long as 1 sentence = 5 words or at most 10 words. Talking online via skype/webcam is v hard too as BH works long hrs and I believe he is doing his own things when I’m not ard. I only spoke to him less than 5 times on skype since I’m here. At times, it just feel like our marriage is failing apart due to lack of communication. Sigh… I really don’t know how are we gonna work things out IF I were to be back in SG for work 🙁

I see how couples shop together for their new home.. and it upsets me that BH is not even interested 🙁 Above all, I wanna thank my little sis and my dad for shopping with me today.

Unboxing the KINDLE 3rd Gen. (FREE 3G + wifi)

I have ALWAYS believed that a BOOK is something physical and it is meant to be held on hand. HOWEVER, as I was packing for my trip.. I suddenly realised that my luggage is TOOOOOO heavy to accomodate a BOOK. The BOOK which I wanna bring with me is BREAKING DAWN ( yes – the last book of the Twilight Saga) I LOVE the Twilight Saga and I read it b4 I watch each movie. (Can’t wait for BREAKING DAWN movie!!!) haha.. BH thinks I’m crazy.. BUT I like to rem the quotes and repeat after the characters when I watch the movie.. and I get super angry when the movie is not as accurate as the book. Anyway, I was in panic mode when  I realised that I can’t accomodate the book (due to its thickness = weight) “I need a Kindle” I told BH when he gets home from work.

BH is super enthu about buying tech stuff so HE began to research. He showed me various alternatives BUT I was uninterested. I mean.. I only wanted a kindle because it is CHEAPER compared to ipad or other forms of e-reader or tablet PC. I toyed with the thought of an ipad BUT we went to the Apple store and I don’t like how heavy and BIG is it. haha… my hand actually ached after holding it to read for 5 mins! geeez… and the glare, I can’t take it.. furthermore, I don’t like to watch movies/videos on the computer ( or plane for that matter) I can’t deny this BUT at the back of my head, I was thinking of putting the e-reader in my Chanel flap ( if i ever get one) Ipad is too heavy and will ruin the shape of the bag overtime. Afterall, IF I’m getting MY Chanel, it’s gonna be PERFECT! keke.. ok.. wishful thinking… FYI, Chanel price hike in US starts June 1 , getting further from my dream 🙁

Any case, we searched for other alternatives and emailed sellers on craigslist. In the end, we decided to go for the promotion at Microsoft Store – Buy a Kindle and get a FREE leather cover (ends May 8, the day we bought it. Phew!) . The question is… which Kindle to get? Basically, I am only looking at these 3 :

1) Kindle (wifi) with advertising US$114 – This means, if u r not reading the kindle, the screensaver will be filled with advertisement. Advertisement doesn’t bother me because even if it’s not advertisement, the kindle’s screensaver can’t be customised. 

2) Kindle (wifi) US$139 – same as above w/o advertisement. erm.. the screensaver is Kindle’s own, introducing various authors

3) Kindle ( FREE 3G + wifi) US$189 – same as the 2 above BUT it comes with 3G. 3G for kindle is not linked with any telco ( not like ipad) Technically, IF i’m at a place w/o wifi – 3G will be used. According to Amazon, they have connections with telco of 100 countries (includes SG) so no cost will be incurred! The pt of the 3G is to d/l books BUT ALL Kindle comes with an EXPERIMENTAL browser – It is not powerful BUT good enough for checking email, facebook and even DBS ibanking!!! :O This means tt I can browse simple websites overseas ( 100 countries covered by Amazon) for FREE , even when there’s no free wifi. This is super useful when travelling!


Anyway, I am tending towards Option 1 because it’s the cheapest. I was going to sell the Kindle after I’m done with it during this trip. However, BH was very keen on Option 3 – the one with 3G. In the end, he said ” Just get the one with 3G – I will pay for the diff. ” erm… OK… Btw, he paid for everything and I haven’t paid him yet. haha.. HEY… I have the intention to!

"Hmm... I can't read!"

"you sure there's nothing else in there?"

First look! Yummy!

First touch!

First charge!

Kindle in FREE leather cover worth US$35!

How kindle looks inside the cover... haha.. maybe I shld have bought the white kindle.. more colour contrast



Kindle is fabulous! Loving it! Just for records, the first book bought is BREAKING DAWN and I had downloaded a tonne of FREE books. haha… Caryn, if u r reading this… THERE’S A WHOLE LOT OF TRASHY NOVELS FOR FREE!!! kekeke… In the libraries,these trashy novels look old and dirty… on the kindle, it’s always CLEAN! 😀

1 other thing to note about Kindle: I have been accumulating SWAGBUCKS and participating on BING REWARDS, every mth or so, I will have enough pts to redeem $5 Amazon giftcard from EACH site. This means NEW BOOKs! heh.. have been doing these for awhile now 🙂

Search & Win

I had been reading reviews of Kindle’s 3G coverage in Singapore. It seems like the 3G can’t really work there 🙁 I’m kinda disapted BUT I’ll try it then review here to clear misconceptions. (I hope!) keke.. This trip, I will also be visiting other countries like Korea ( for transit) , Hongkong ( for Mayday concert) and Bangkok ( for leisure) I’ll also bring the kindle along and test it out at these places. Stay tuned!

8 bottles of Nivea bodywash for $1.52!

ok, there’s only 7 bottles in the picture because BH took 1 bottle to use. heh…

8 bottles at $3.19 each
Used 8 MQ $3 off
Total: $1.52 + tax

Actually, other Target/Walmart are selling at as low as $2.54/bottle. So if u managed to get it at that price, it’s a MONEYMAKER! I’m just glad tt we can get 8 bottles for almost free + FREE shopping bag from Target! 😀

If you have TLC, you will get to watch Extreme Couponing on Wed. Unfortunately, we don’t have cable 🙁 Anyway, the show mks EVERYONE aware of coupons.. so when there’s this Nivea deal… the shelves were CLEARED!!! seriously… cleared… i mean.. who doesn’t wnat FREE or almost free bodywash right? I don’t know about other household BUT the bodywash runs out FAST in my home!!! I suspect BH is playing with soap when he bathes! heh.. so when such a deal comes out… I stock up! I won’t be around for sometime, to minimise unnessary spending on BH’s part, I am stock up on such items..

The dirty secret…. because I wanted to save $ so badly and I only have 2 $3 MQ, I went to dig our apt’s recycling bin for newspapers which pple threw away :O BH was disgusted and thought I’m mad… yes… almost…

[Add on] Itchy hand me… went to click on ‘UPDATE ALL’ for wordpress… and my whole blog got distorted!!! BOO!!! I freaked out man!! Now.. I finally got it back… erm…changed a different skin for luck..

Chanel prices (USD vs Euros)

Blogging about it for records 🙂

Pls pls pls don’t increase price yet… let me get to NYC first…. pls pls pls let it have stock when I get to NYC…. keke

In my whole life-time, I hope to get 2 Chanel handbags. haha.. i think I can die in peace if I have 2 of these babies… really. My No. 1 dream was to have a Classic Flap ( I don’t mind RED or BLACK) Belief it or not… but I didn’t even have eyes for WOC ( Wallet on chain) until BH brought it to my attention… hehe… WOC is cheaper… BUT Classic Flap is more worth it to get in the US, comparing the price difference between USD and Euros. Now I’m in a dilemma, which shld I get FIRST??? 😀 If I get the WOC in red, I’ll get the flap in black. If I get the flap in black, I’ll get the WOC in red.. haha… It will be great if I can find a flap in grey or a WOC in navy blue!!!

Prices as of April 5

For Flap

If I buy in euro, i pay 2450 Euros. I get back 12% tax refund
Price of WOC: 3068 USD


If I buy in US, I pay 3400 USD
Buy at Bloomingdales NY, open their credit card, I got 15% discount
Price of WOC: 3400*0.85 discount*1.0875 = 3142 USD


If I buy in euro, i pay 1080 Euros. I get back 12% tax refund
Price of WOC: 950.4 Euro = 1351 USD

If I buy in US, I pay 1575 USD
Buy at Bloomingdales NY, open their credit card, I got 15% discount
Price of WOC: 1575*0.85 discount*1.0875 = 1456 USD

Dream….. don’t remind me of my bond.. ah… this is the closest I can get 🙁

New home

Some pictures of our humble place 🙂 I think we can never get tired of decorating our home.. haha..

I really can’t wait for a real place we call our own… a place we know we are here for good and never need to move again..

The exterior – Picture courtesy of WQ

Cool clock which BH insisted on buying ( to replace our pathetic Ikea clock)

The lovely kitchen which we both love!


Workspace + Living area

Super cute decals .. mks me happy just looking at them!

Effiel Tower and BooBoo says ‘Woof!’
I’m loving this green rug.. looks like grass!

That’s all… other parts are still too messy to be pictured :X and we are still awaiting somemore cool items in the mail!

Lust: Le Creuset french oven

Ever since I made my own stew I had been looking for a good time to buy Le Creuset French Oven! For the past 2 years in US, I had been wondering, why would anyone wanna spend US$200 for a pot which is as heavy as a HUGE rock! I think my wrist will break from holding it! However, I guess.. my shallowness just wears off after I ‘level up’ ( hahaha…. don’t play play) in the kitchen! 😀

Which colour is nice?? hehe..

I spent time reading up on these very expensive cast iron pots and realised that they are actually way better than what I’m using now ( erm… a simple non-stick pot) These dutch ovens cooks evenly and keep the flavours in! Oh yes… I certainly need better pots to cook since I’m cooking like MOST of the time.. I mean.. it mks sense to invest in good cookware!

Right now.. I’m still looking around for deals… oh yes.. it’s gonna be like a hunt for the Kitchenaid Mixer again 🙂

Note to BH: Pls do not get me a pot as gift… sooooooooooooo unromantic!!!

[Sidetrack] Was trying to update my cooking blog BUT realised that we didn’t tk pictures ( we made Tacos + Soya bean milk + Mee siam + Oven roasted chicken) 🙁 Food album on my FB had miraculously disappeared too.. ok… shall mk a more concious effort to take more pics!!