Review: Ying Thai Kitchen aka The Thai kitchen

BH and I tried out this Thai resturant after reading good reviews on yelp

Street parking is limited .. so we parked at the nearby safeway and walked to the resturant 🙂

We reached the place by following the address… but we were kinda surprised that the name that we know: ‘Ying Thai Kitchen’ is not the name of the resturant. The name is ‘The Thai Kichen’… so… ok… we reached the place and it seems quiet and aloof… uninviting, the doors are closed… BH and I hesitated .. I was like ” since it’s so good… y does it look so quiet at dinner time?’


so since we were there and we seriously do not know what else to eat, we went ahead. Entered the resturant to find that the place is actually quite crowded! haha… it’s a nice cozy place… the price is affordable – in fact quite cheap!

At a Thai resturant, definitely we must order pad thai right? haha… so tt’s what we did. Pad thai tastes good and authentic! yummy! 🙂


Bh ordered Ying’s special fried rice with beef. Smells good!!! taste good!

oh well.. just like 2 kids, we were trying to spite each other with the food we ordered… haha.. the portion was HUGE and we had no room for deserts!

Total bill with tips: US$25

We will definitely go back there again 🙂

As we were exploring the neighbourhood, we discovered an interesting place: How to Cook a Wolf wow!! looks so good and interesting… hope to try the food there one day – it’s $$$!!! and they are accepting reservations for Valentine’s Day next year alr!!! awww…. *hintX100000000* BH doesn’t really read this blog 🙁

Rice cooker chicken rice

keke.. no claypot.. so used the rice cooker.. still taste good! ( my mum’s cooking is much much better 🙁 )


This is the EASIEST to cook 1 dish meal! why??
1) No need to fry = no need to clean the stove = no need to wash the pan
2) Healthy (erm.. remove all fat and skin from chicken and use low/no fat Chinese wax sausage..) = no additional oil required!
3) Easy to pack for lunch

How to cook? Super simple! what can go wrong??!!
1)clean the chicken fillet ( remove fat. skin.. blah blah)
2)slice chicken and Chinese sausage into smaller pieces
3) marinate chicken with oyster sauce, dark sauce, soy sauce, pepper, sesame oil, abit of rice wine. Leave marinated chicken for 1 hr
4) cook rice. wait for it to 1/2 boil (means when u see bubbles) put the meat and Chinese sausage on top. Spread out ingredients evenly
5) Rice cooked = meat cook! ( serious! wah! i was afraid the meat won’t be cooked!)
6) Add garnish ( spring onions, coriander leaves, fried shallots) and serve!

*Rice will be brown in colour because of the marinated chicken

I think I will be cooking more of this in future 🙂 heh.. little mess.. less preparation time!

Laksa day! :)

Woke up today.. after preparing breakfast… I prepared food for dinner.. oh yes.. i cook everyday! cooking isn’t my fave thing to do… but I just cook cook cook… ( at least we had Indo Cafe for lunch today! heh… )

Laksa with the REAL noodles!! ( It is called rice vermicelli here.. yummy! Thanks to my mum who ‘discovered’ this noodles when she was here ;p )


Laksa with gravy! (Added Tau po and Jap fish cake )


Ready to eat!


Dessert – Purple sweet potatoes soup with dried longan


The total preparation time is 45mins? haha.. and the food taste great! but my mum’s laksa definitely taste better 🙁

Julia’s Indonesian Kitchen

BH and I went to Julia’s Kitchen for dinner last night… well… we expected the food to be super duper good – even better than Indo Cafe heh.. coz we read tt the ‘boss’ was residing in S’pore for 30years, shld be able to cook SG style right?? BUT we were kinda wrong? or maybe we tried the wrong food? haha..

anyway, the food here was slightly more ex? maybe coz we went for dinner and not like lunch for Indo cafe? heh… so… the comparison here is biased!

Let the pictures do the talking! 🙂


Parking space is kinda limited… Better to go on Sunday, so that you can park in front of the restaurant ( other times reserved for other shop’s customers). Alternatively, you can park along the street ( street parking is free!)


My food :

Bh’s food

The above was what we ordered… can’t rem the exact name of the food. Food was super spicy! The ikan bilis with chili was super nice!! I had to drink many many glasses of water man! haha…. the sambal chilli.. damn nice! yummy!!!

We had desserts too… I saw Pandan cake and I wanna try!!! the pandan cake wasn’t what I expected… sad 🙁


Bh had chendol .. which was quite good ! haha..or rather we forgot how Chendol taste like and thought that this taste great! ;p


Overall, Julia’s Kitchen have great ambience but parking space is limited whereas Indo Cafe have cute waitress, ample parking space and not so spicy yummy food!

Indo Cafe

heh.. if u r waiting for my blog on how our 1st Anniversary was… i’m still waiting for pics from BH’s cam!

Anyhow… i’m here to blog abt this great place to eat super delicious Indo food 🙂 yummy!!! just had my dinner but the thought of the food and the place.. makes me hungry again!!! haha

Yesterday, BH, Julius and I went to check out on Indo Cafe located at Northgate, not too far from our home. We gt to noe this place from an Indonesian-chinese guy ( leasing person from XXXX apartment – yes.. we are apartment searching again) .. so we decided to try it out with our only singaporean friend Julius! haha..

The food is authentic and delicious… I can’t rem what BH or Julius ordered.. BUT i ordered Beef Rendang.. which I had nt eaten for ages! Each set lunch was $5.95 , mine was slightly more ex $7.95.. worth the price man… better than any foodcourt food here in Seattle…

wah… i so wanna go again can!!! hehehe

Some pics of the food.. mouth watering!!

Julius food –


BH’s food –


My yummy rendang! taste like the real one! it’s spicy BUT damn shiok!


Check this out! haha… the bill plate is so cute!

And the pen have a fork at the back? haha.. like when u write with the pen, you can scratch your nose? haha.. or is it for scratching ur head coz u dunno how much tips to give???


After which, we left the place and wanted to go try some wonderful japanese deserts – Hiroki! BUT it was not open 🙁 super duper sad… coz a celebration does not feel complete if there’s no cakes …

Next place to try … Julia’s Indo Kitchen and of course… Hiroki!! 🙂 Can’t wait!!

Jalan Kayu at Queen Anne

We had prata for breakfast this morning! yummy! super ez to prepare – pan fried and it taste great!! 🙂 together with the curry i cooked last night and coffee ( in place of teh tarik!) No need to go to Jalan kayu anymore! haha