It is official!


Yes I am PC! Work just started so there is a lot of learning and catching up to do for me. The good thing is my manager and team mates are really cool friendly guys. But I always have the mentality that I am not up to it, which I should not have in the first place. Going to have to read book this weekend to learn more.

[singlepic=106,300,320,,] That is the starbucks coffee machine which is one of the many benefits working here. 🙂 Btw, my work is not in the main MS campus but over at the Seattle side. Got pros and cons like parking/housing is so expensive at Seattle side, but there is a lot more things going on at Seattle side. Anyway some other perks include free transportation pass for employee, medical & dental care, life insurance, the usual stuff. Some more unusual stuff cause I am working in the Mobile team, I get to pick a smart phone for free soon! And also cause I work in Seattle, I get to opt out of parking for $150 in reimbursement to park my car at my place instead! That means I have to walk/take shuttle to work though which I am quite ok with.

[singlepic=107,300,320,,right] I just had a interesting time at Seattle today, check out the photos! It was a beautiful weather today. 🙂

There was some gay rights demonstration when I reached downtown… very interesting

[singlepic=112,300,320,,right] I then went over to Pike Place Market which is actually their version of ChatuChak Market in Bangkok, inside got lots of china sellers.

[singlepic=120,300,320,,right] This should be the first Starbucks in Seattle, I still need to confirm this again…

[singlepic=125,300,320,,right] And finally the needle, I use it to roughly know the direction to go around actually, very useful!

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  1. the city seems quite happening. the gay rights demostratn due to prop 8 i guess?? interesting…

    “i am a pc” is which part of office?

    and yes, throw away that negative mentality…be open and for things you do not know, you learn from others. and for things you know, let others know that too. dun keep to yourself. think u can do this better than i do, so take one step at a time and enjoy the process along the way.

    spore been raining these days.

    the clouds in your pic were pretty. feel like going for another vacation already. lol.

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