Meghan 1 year old birthday

Dear Meghan,

Happy 1 year old! This is your dad’s first birthday post for you. I wanted to get you a card for your birthday but didn’t had the time to go get one. Maybe next year. For now, I will just write a blog post for you to celebrate your 1 year old!

It is amazing how time flies by. I still remember the night you were born, not sure if your mom remembers anything. 😉

I don’t think I ever told this to anyone but I used to be afraid of kids. Mainly because I am scare that they would think I am ugly, weird and just cry or run away if I interact with them too much. That is till I have you. I remember how you would cling onto me so tight in case someone wants to carry you instead. I know this isn’t healthy but a part of me is really happy when you do that. And you would smile when you see me, or laugh when I play with you. Obviously there are times you would drive both me and your mama crazy with your crying, screaming, not wanting to sleep but I still love you.

We just finished watching this show on netflix which is about tidying up your house, and the goal is to keep things that spark joy when you hold it. That’s how I feel when I carry you and you are not screaming. 🙂

I sometimes wish you would grow up fast but also at the same time not too fast. If you grow up fast, we would be able to do more things together but at the same time, you would get to do your own things yourself without me too. I hope that when you do grow up, that you will also remember me and the times when you cling on to me tightly.

Love and happy birthday,


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