Under the weather

Remember the Maroon5 concert at the Gorge which I mentioned here? Well, it DID NOT happen 🙁

I am feeling sore. My heart is sore that we didn’t see Maroon5 perform, I am also having a sore throat. Gosh, I can’t decide which is more sore – My heart or my throat. I mean, if it was just an impromptu trip, I won’t have felt so disappointed. I was looking forward to it for months ( bought tickets in April/May!) and it was the first ever concert that I requested to watch. Booooo… well.. Maroon5 suddenly became my favourite after I watched Adam Levine on The Voice.. hahaha..

Anyhow, it had been 5 days since the trip to the Gorge and I am still not feeling well. How should I put it? I am feeling as under the weather as the weather 🙁 I might see a doctor tomorrow

So why was the concert cancelled? It is due to bad weather. The windy and rainy conditions made it unsafe to perform. Now you know how I caught this nasty flu 🙁

Before the concert, we stopped by Wild Horse Wind & Solar Facility. They do offer FREE tours at 10am and 2pm but tours were cancelled because of the bad weather. It was extra windy – you can’t even walk in a straight line. The wind speed was 60miles/h. Yes, I thought I could be blown away


I personally thought that it was interesting to go upclose to a wind turbine – I always saw this on textbooks but never thought that I would go so close to one

We also hiked up to see the Wild Horse Monuments. The hike up/down was really steep but it was a beautiful sight. The view of the Columbia River is amazing but it was just too windy to hang out there


Finally, we arrived at the Gorge. The weather was still alright at first BUT got bad after that 🙁



We all left after Adam Levine & kelly Clarkson made the announcement that the concert needs to be cancelled due to bad weather. Just our luck 🙁

Lesson learnt: It is better to watch an indoor concert

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