Review: Black Bottle Postern (Bellevue)

BH and I recently found a good restaurant that we love and it is really near our current place. [Thanks Alina for introducing this place to us first 🙂 ]

We dined at Black Bottle Postern with our friends and just fell in love since then. haha.. it’s funny coz we always drove by but nv get to come in and try the food here.. So, this place is really great for big groups as the food is meant to be shared. The ambiance is really nice – a mix between modern and rustic. I feel that it is rather charming.. and quite romantic 🙂 Imagine chilling out, drinking wine and just chatting

One Sunday, BH and I decided to do just that ! I was feeling particularly good because I finally caved in and bought a nice Lululemon top which was on sale (but still expensive) – love how the top shapes my upper body and you don’t have to wear a bra! hehe.. perfect for the warm weather now! Opps.. sorry.. I digress..




Back to the food~~

The thing that I don’t understand about this place is “Our unfussy, rustic dishes are intended to be shared….” (quoted from their menu) Like seriously?! Are you kidding me?! The food is so good!!! I just want the whole dish to myself!!! How to share!

Anyhow.. My favorite is the bread pudding.. I really love the buttery taste of the bread pudding… and crave for the bourbon sauce .. . Food was as amazing as the first time we dine here. This time we ordered:

-house duck sausage rainbow chard shiitake mushrooms( Our new favorite!)
-bulgar wheat harissa lamb meatballs & paneer
-Broccoli blasted (Of course!!! How can I get sick of this! It is super delicious! shall attempt to mk this one day)

As it was Sunday, there’s 1/2 off bottle of wine! We had a bottle of Riesling ($15) to go with our food. This is life!
Will definitely go back again very soon!!!

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