John Mayer concert at The Gorge

July 20

After hearing a lot about how beautiful The Gorge is, BH and I decided to head there to check it out. Together with Alina and Justin, we bought tickets for John Mayer concert and embarked on a 2.5 hrs drive. Nah.. we are not exactly John Mayer fans but just bought the General Admission tixs so that we could enjoy the spectacular view. General admission tics are the cheapest – we packed our dinner , brought a mat and pillows.. yes pillows.. to enjoy the concert. hahaha.. it feels like a mini camping trip BUT it was worth it. Food and drinks at the venue r VERY expensive!

It was a beautiful sunny day.. we stopped at a viewpoint to appreciate the beauty


These horses look REAL but they are not! Shall attempt to climb up and go closer on Maroon5 concert day ( yes, we are going for another concert at the Gorge in Sept!) This place was super windy! The wind was so strong that the car door swings open!


Arrived at the Gorge Amphitheater. FYI, we parked at the non-premier carpark for free but it was a walk to the concert venue


The view was amazing! Reminds me of Grand Canyon and I have no idea why. haha.. It was super hot.. I seriously can’t wait for the sun to set!


Finally, the sun set.. phew! Else I would have melted in the heat! Love the colour gradient of the sky 🙂


Left the concert early to beat the crowd. It was another 2.5 hrs drive home. Well.. the concert was alright.. maybe a little boring?! I mean.. John Mayer songs are slow BUT it was quite romantic to be lying on your back, star grazing and listening to soothing music. In case you are wondering, he didn’t sing “Your body is a wonderland” – maybe he sang it after we left?

By the time we arrived home, it was 1.30am already! A pic of us to remember the day..


Till the next concert!! 😀 Really looking forward to seeing Maroon5 live!


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