Re-exploring Ballard

*This is an outdated post*

16 June

BH and I wanted to take Mr Hyde on a ride .. so we decided to head to Ballard. Well, Ballard is a little like Kirkland – it’s filled with cafe and restaurants, vintage/consignment stores and a huge Sunday’s Farmer’s market


It was a very sunny and pretty day. Perfect to walk around! I love such relaxing Sundays πŸ™‚

We chanced upon a nice cafe and sat down for some refreshments – Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery

Love cafes which are tastefully decorated. This cafe is popular for its molten chocolate in a mason jar! If you are a chocolate fan, you need to visit here.

baLLARD 3We ordered the Dark Decadence molten chocolate cake. wah.. it’s sinfully delicious… and extremely refreshing when the weather is warm! haha.. ordered a Vanilla bean milkshake so that we don’t get chocolate overdosed


Next up… we went to The Walrus and The Carpenter for their highly raved Happy Hour menu.


This place will no longer have Happy Hour specials on SUNDAY from July onwards. Lucky us! We managed to enjoy the 2nd last Sunday Happy Hour πŸ˜€ Happy Hour starts at 4pm but we were in line at 3.30pm! It was a wait and not very worthwhile in my humble opinion

ballARD 5

Once again, I like the deco and the feel of this place. This time we took the seats at the bar – it was nice to see how food was prepared. I just felt that the service was a little slow – maybe that’s their strategy for the ‘long lines’ and curbing the ‘happy hour discounts’. For happy hour, 4-5pm there’s 50% off oysters, 5-6pm 25% off oysters. The best part about this place is … oysters are local and very fresh, other than that, it’s over-hyped

Ok, so we had 12 oysters of four different varieties. Would love to blog more about the oysters we ate but I can’t rem the names anymore. You see, that’s the problem with an outdated postΒ  :/ This post is going to lack depth. Blah.. you get the point.

A very nice chef took the initiative to take a nice picture of us -we don’t get that often πŸ™‚


We also had the scallop tartare – it’s basically raw scallops mixed with lemon juice and herbs. It tastes great, feel like some Japanese cuisine. hmm… we are quite glad that we didn’t order steak tartare (which is supposed to be really good!) – but I can’t picture myself eating raw beef?! BH also ordered Fried Oysters, which was alright – I stopped eating it after the first piece as I bit into a piece of shell and tasted sand. Bh loved it though!

Sadly… we didn’t have room for desserts πŸ™

That’s all for our Ballard trip! We will be going on a Dog walk/jog (without a dog) on 4 July, Independence day! Hope to take more pictures and blog about it soon!


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