The satisfaction :)

Today, BH came home and told me I have a fan mail from a kid! Well…. Turns out that it is not a fan mail, it’s a card from the educator. I ripped open the envelope.. And saw a picture which she took of me during he summer camp. I was touched to tears! Aw…. I didn’t expect anything out of volunteering and I got a ‘Thank You!’ card and a nice pic of me in action 🙂 This made my day.. A whole lot!!!

I rem the last day of camp.. I was feeling really sad that I won’t be seeing these kids anymore and I don’t even have a picture of them for keepsake… Just at this moment, a little girl came and hug me goodbye… That moment.. Priceless!!!! I controlled my tears from falling down.. How silly of me.. Haha.. The joys of volunteering 🙂


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