Hi Mr Hyde!

BH and I had been thinking of getting a 2nd car for awhile. We have been looking for something we both liked.. however, it’s really hard to find a used car of our criteria. In the end, we pulled the trigger on a custom build Mini Cooper S. Yes.. we decided that since we are only young ONCE..and the chances of driving a coupe in future is silm..so we just went for it 🙂

We ordered our car on April 26 and only received it last week! It was a long wait but worth it! After 6 months of searching, we bought the car! that’s how long we took!

Here’s the process… Once we ordered the car, we could track it’s process on the Mini website

May 9 – Hyde built and waiting for transport on vessel Tulane

mini awaiting

June 2 – Hyde arrived at PORT HUENEME, CA 


June 3 – Arrived at distribution centre

dist centre

June 8 – At our dealer!


June 15 – Collected!


More pictures of our baby 🙂 It’s a Mini Green Park package!


It was LOVE at first sight!!! So difficult to take our eyes off it 😀



[P/S: The above is the best picture of us with our new bulldog, Mimi, plush toy given to us by our dealer. Pardon the reflection on BH’s forehead]


Yay to more new adventures! 🙂

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