Summer camp for the first time!

This week,  I have been busy volunteering at a 5 day summer camp. This is a 3 hour day camp for children 3-5 years old! The camp is called Art Explorers! Children will explore with paint, shapes, texture and create new art pieces. It’s amazing that the children know so much!

The campers are so adorable! They are just so young, sweet and innocent. My favorite part is when they hold my hand or want to sit next to me 🙂 My heart just melts. Being a volunteer is just so different from being the teacher. I actually enjoy helping out, cleaning/washing and preparing. I must have said this a million times but I’ll say it again… the smiles on the child’s face…. priceless….

Anyway, I have been so out of touch with helping children !! I used to be able to last 1 full day at school…. NOW.. I feel 1/2 dead after the camp ends. Gosh.. so glad I am only just volunteering for 1 camp.

My first fan art – It may not mean anything but it just felt good 🙂


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