How’s it going?!

I guess.. it’s only right to blog about this small ‘milestone’ in my life 🙂 no wild thoughts please!

Getting my WA driving license, did open up some opportunities in my life. I can drive anywhere I like (provided that I have the guts and car to). Out of nowhere, I have also decided that.. I want to volunteer ( also known as community service) ! I began to look for non-profit organizations that I am interested in and send in my applications. Not many places get back to me ( maybe the volunteer market here is very hot?) .. BUT there’s this Childrens’ museum who got back! Finally!!! I was so happy and excited!

Many asked.. why volunteer? I really want to give back to the community – I just want to be someone useful. Since I have the time and ability to do so, why not?! Volunteer mean no pay – That’s what I like about it! No expectations.. no stress! I can do what I really love doing wholeheartedly

I went for orientation and started my first weekly shift last week. Most of the time, I was cleaning and ensuring that everything is well-maintained. I also get to interact with children. Their smiles… priceless! How they laugh at your jokes (which adults will think I’m crazy) makes me feel young again! No…. playing with children and having your own or being a teacher is very different! I can be myself – I don’t have to be stern, firm or fierce!

Then I wonder… If it makes me sooo happy, why didn’t I do this earlier? On the other hand, I’m glad I did what i did – at least, it’s not too late to start!

[Maybe it’s a good sign… because… on the very day i volunteered at the museum, the tortoise in the aquarium (a fish tank!) laid eggs!! wow! It doesn’t happen often!!! ]





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