Red Hook Beer tasting weekend

last weekend, we went beer tasting at Red Hook Brewery at Woodinville. It was a great experience. BH and I went to Red Hook previously and wanted to take the tour, but missed the last timing. [By the way, last timing on Saturday is 5pm ] We were really glad that we managed to do so this time round with our friends

We paid $1 each for the tour and had about 6 small glasses (2 oz) of beer. It was worth it for the tasting. The guide was a good looking ‘Justin Timberlake’ kind of guy ;D I think we didn’t really learn much about the beer making process. Maybe it was the alcohol – the tour was filled with jokes of sexual connotations?! haha.. i mean.. it’s all for the name of fun!

Just for records, my favorite beer is Audible Ale. It tasted better than Heineken. I find it light and easy to drink, no bad after taste – lower alcohol content too 🙂


By the way… we get to keep the glass (retails for $2 each)!!! How cool!

After the beer tasting, we had dinner at Red Hook. Food are mostly burgers. I think the beer makes me so full.. I shared a salad with Jo instead. No pics of the food :/ However, I am very glad that they had fries to go with their burgers now! It used to be chips when I came last year

Some random pics taken at Chateau Ste Michelle. Loving my new hi-low skirt .. haha 🙂 ohhh… and there’s a interesting event going on this coming Sunday – will drop by if we have nothing better to do


To end this post – More apartment woes: (1) bedroom door fell off – door detached from hinge!!! so dangerous! (2) dishwasher screws came out – now the dishwasher might topple anytime (3) silverfish issue still around :/ The REAL pest control will be coming in on Thursday to examine the issue. Landlord is also getting a repairman to come in. Both BH and I are upset about our staying conditions  and is considering moving out…. we just can’t find another suitable place 🙁 In the mist of all these annoying issues, I am glad that our landlord is proactive in solving them even when he is not in town

A reminder to me…


what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… smile 🙂

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