Kirkland on a Sunday

Recently, BH and I had been feeling kinda bitter that we didn’t move to Kirkland 🙁 well.. maybe if we moved to Kirkland, we won’t be faced with such a irritating pest problem

For the past week, the weather had been superb. I’m just so glad that we get to spend time together… just chilling out.. I feel so blessed 🙂 I really thank God for such simple pleasures..

It was a relaxing weekend.. BH and I decided to swing by Carillon Point for a walk + happy hour/Dinner

BH brought me here when I just arrived in the US.. hahaha.. here’s a pic of us in 2008.. how do we look?! haha


Anyway, it’s nice to visit this place after so long 🙂


Walked around and decided to enjoy Happy Hour at Bin on the lake


We had a lot of food while chatting and enjoying the view.. so romantic! Love such days!

fdGuess.. u eat more when u r happy? haha


Last but not least..a reminder to all of us..


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