Las Vegas 2013

Bing and I will make it a point to go to Vegas yearly ( I didn’t go last year) Well.. we usually go to Vegas because we have a good deal. We started planning for this trip late last year and was looking forward to it. It’s such a bummer that I was ill half the time 🙁 I was also worried about the disgusting silverfish problem we have at home.

It ought be be such an enjoyable trip.. since we managed to get everything ( flight, hotel, food, show) for FREE!!! I just did not have as much fun as I thought I would 🙁

28-30 April


Mirage is a so-so hotel. The rooms are very nice and looks updated. However, the walls are very thin. You can hear people talking/yelling along the corridor.

The weather was really good when we were there. Vegas is beautiful. It’s warm ( not hot) but I was cold most of the time 🙁view

Our first complimentary meal worth $150 was at a rather posh restaurant, Steakhouse At Camelot – Excalibur

The food was not bad considering that it’s FREE! Would love some alcohol but I was not feeling well 🙁


Had my best steak ever. This cut, Filet Mignon is indeed the King of steaks.. so tender and flavorful! Totally forgot about taking pics of BH’s steak as it came later .. haha

After dinner.. I felt sooo bad that I went back to the hotel room to sleep. Of course, BH went to the casinos!

The next day.. I felt a little better… we went to Bellagio for brunch buffet! Food was good BUT buffet isn’t good for me because I don’t eat THAT much..


Walked around Vegas.. and spotted this really interesting chapel, Pop Up wedding Chapel at Cosmopolitan  – Can consider this in future! Vows renewal maybe?


Walked to Aria and ate the most delightful cakes at Jean Philippe.. omg.. the best so far… I want more!!


Now… the highlight of the trip…..

Before we watched Terry Fator , which is amazing by the way.. we decided to play some slots… and….

clueI didn’t have a CLUE … don’t even know what I was playing for… I only had $6 left… and I suddenly won the progressive jackpot of $221 for solving the mystery!! wah!!! 😀 BH lost all our winnings at Blackjack later though 🙁

Talking about slot machines, I also saw a Corgi! How cute!


dinner was at Nine Fine Irishmen at NYNY  Their Chicken pot pie is super HUGE and delicious!


The next morning… we had more food again… It was Delights @ MGM grand The food was really good! Love such breakfast. The $50 voucher was so worth it. we even had enough  for us to takeaway sandwiches for our flight home 🙂



As you can see… this trip…we ate MORE than we should.. I was soooo full…. Wish I was feeling better then :/ Vegas.. till we meet again… Hope it’s soon!!


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