where do I begin?

I had been feeling very upset for the past few weeks. That’s why I haven’t been blogging.

#1: I regret moving

we moved because of some reasons that can’t be revealed here. At first, we were quite contented that we found a suitable place. However, I recently noticed some disgusting insects in the house. I had been telling BH that I tried cleaning the place over and over but it didn’t feel clean. BH brushed it off and said “You are just being OCD” well.. I thought he was right.. until I took a closer look at what exactly these dirt was… oh my gosh.. they are actually insects!

I don’t like insects. we always try to stay in new apartments and on a higher level. this time round, we didn’t. We decided to try staying in a very old community and on the lowest level. Guess what?! That’s when the insect problem arise.


This is a silverfish. No. They don’t fly or bite but it’s just gross to see them crawling on the floor. I am very disturbed. We found them in the toilet… and now they are going to the kitchen. yes.. we already sprayed pesticide but it does not get to the root of the problem. I really do not know how am I going to stay here for 2 yrs!

Anyhow, I freaked out after I found one on the stove (big fat one some more).. we informed our landlord. He is the nicest person ever. The pest control will be coming on monday to take a look at it. Pray that this issue will be resolved soon 🙁

#2 I caught a cold

This is also related to #1. No, I am not pregnant. We realised that the electricity bills here are very high 🙁 We don’t really have a choice.. old places are not exactly energy efficient 🙁 Decided to turn down the heat… and I caught a cold. This cold lasted for 1.5 weeks.. and I’m still not feeling that well… sucks. I used to really love my life here… now.. what i really want to do is to go home..

#3 There’s no where to go

This also related to #1. I can’t really go anywhere here. I used to be able to walk to the supermarkets, library, go to the gym.. and now… there’s NOTHING. Hope MY car comes soon…


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