Moving for the 4th time

It’s a bz week. BH and I had moved to another apartment. This time our apartment is in a very old community but the interior had been recently renovated. Well… Just when u thought that everything is new and good… The kitchen and toilet sink is leaking! Thank God that the owners are responsible and are doing their best to solve the issues.

I think we moved the most times among our friends. Moving is super tiring. Things just pile up over the years, regardless of how u clear them.

First move (SG to Seattle) : Very easy
2nd move (within Seattle) : easy
3rd move (Seattle to Redmond) : it was ok
4th move (Redmond to Bellevue) : just kill me

So…. A lot of our items are ruined because of our moves. Our ikea chest of drawers are coming apart. Our sofa bed became 3 legged. I was super stressed and upset. BH was delighted – ” yay! Let’s buy new ones!” anyhow, we managed to get rid of these big damaged items – phew.. 1 man’s trash is another’s treasure!

We are still clearing our stuff from the old place :/ to blog more soon…

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