Won’t go home without you Part 4

Last day in LA!

We had brunch at The Kitchen We actually had a hard time looking for this place – our GPS kept bring us round and round. At last, we found it!


Maybe we were early – it was very quiet for brunch at a supposedly high rated restaurant. I like restaurant with a rustic feeling, artsy deco – feels very unique.


I had the highly raved Pear Pancakes.. and it was superb indeed… yumyum!! I think IF I go back to LA – I am so going to dine here again 🙂

The day was sunny and nice ( as usual). After brunch, with no time to waste…. we headed to……. *make a guess?!!*

go day

Griffin Observatory again! yes.. no surprise! hehe.. this place looks beautiful in the day too!

oh…. As BH was dealing with his camera.. I met a super cute doggie! It’s a Corgi-mix, Ally!!!

go da5

Tell me.. how adorable Ally is! hahaha.. and she’s a rescue!! wish I could bring her home!

go day1



Daytime at GO had a different charm. You can see the “Hollywood” sign pretty close here too!

go da32

go da4

We did walked around and check out the exhibits. It is certainly a nice place to hang out on a lazy sunday afternoon 🙂

With all these beautiful sights and pictures, we headed to the airport for our flight back to Seattle! Great vacation!!!

Where’s next?!

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