Talking to the moon Part 2b

1 Feb

As mentioned in my previous post, BH and I headed to 1 of the BEST FREE ATTRACTION IN LA : Griffith Observatory (GO)

Just when I thought that the view at Yamashiro was fabulous.. The view at Griffith took my breath away. Initially, we wanted to go to GO  during the day but decided that it was silly “who would look at stars in the day?” haha

anyways, off we went. I am so glad that BH is comfortable with driving ( ok, i am a super bad driver.. i won’t want/dare to drive in LA. Traffic is bad. Drivers are fierce!) I guess.. it’s really difficult to visit GO if you don’t have transport.

Parking is free and very limited. We arrived at about 8pm ( closes at 10pm) and waited 30-45mins for a spot. it was worth every second…

The moment we stepped out of the car…  both of us “WOW!” It was sooooooooo beautiful! I think I can go to GO every single night (and I’m not someone who is interested in stars)…

Let the pics do the talking….

Griffith Observatory (1)  Griffith Observatory (3) Griffith Observatory (4) Griffith Observatory (5) Griffith Observatory (6)

No… we are not even using a professional camera! The pics just turn out very pretty. Spectacular night! Oh yes… this is the kind of place people go for dates too… haha.. ALOT of PDA here.. if you get what I mean 😀

Griffith Observatory (2)

There were volunteers with huge telescopes outside GO – We saw Jupiter for the 1st time! We also learnt more about stars/planets from them!

Griffith Observatory (7)

By the time we finish admiring the views and taking lots of pics using different modes.. it was close to 10pm!!! The observatory have many interesting exhibits and they are very informative. We didn’t get to see all of them 🙁

so….. we decided that we should squeeze 1 more trip here (in the day) hehe… stay tuned for that entry. Super nice too!!!

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