It’s a hot date! Part 2a

1 Feb

Weather in LA is pretty nice.. filled with sunshine.. warm.. windy.. and does not get you sticky.. haha.. but i find it very bright.. so sunglasses were my best friend

First stop.. brunch at Blu Jam Cafe – which supposedly have the best french toast.. okok.. i felt like french toast.. haha


oh.. our rental car is a 2012 Ford Focus with sunroof!!! I mean.. we chose the cheapest and most basic rental car.. and we got such a cool car! Love it!! It’s like the first time we had such a nice&new car 😀


Food took a while to come… while waiting..clumsy BH spilled milk on me by accident!! OMG!! As it was a short trip, it didn’t occur to me to bring another pair of jeans… eeks… I kept my cool and didn’t cry over spilled milk :X The weather was soooo hot.. so my jeans dried up in no time ( just hope that i didn’t stink.. oh well…)

The food was generally alright – typical American breakfast food .. the french toast is sooooooooo sinful… i really wish i didn’t order it..

After a filling brunch.. we headed to Santa Monica Beach


It was a beautiful day to be at the beach… haha.. looks just like the magazines…



we also went to Muscle beach.. nothing much there… not even a good looking YOUNG hunk.. hahah


For dinner… we went to Yamashiro.

This is a upscale Japanese restaurant with a fabulous view.


Honestly.. come here for the view… NOT the food… and…. the only form of parking is valet (US$15) Our airbnb was around the corner, so we walked there (up and down the hill!) – it was really scenic.. gorgeous view of LA. This is the kind of place u might want to bring a date to, just to impress her… or… it’s a romantic place to propose to your gf!


The sashimi was quite fresh. My Lychee martini was VERY WATERED DOWN… no kick at all. BH loves his Moscow Mule ( actually I liked it too) – it tasted very refreshing.. My fave sushi was Black Forbidden rice – it’s not made using white sushi rice BUT the black one, hence the name. I felt that it was really unique. hmmm… This meal was very costly… oh well… once in a while – thank you BH 🙂


I really wanted to try the dessert sushi! I have NEVER tried dessert sushi before. However, I was sooooo full from all the starters and sushi… so I tried my luck and requested for a 1/2 order of the dessert… and the chef obliged!!! yay!! Great service!


Dessert sushi taste great! ok.. maybe because I like mascarpone cheese.. haha… they used coconut glutinous rice for the sushi.. i felt that it was a nice fusion!

well… if u are wondering…. our night didn’t end here….. we headed to the BEST FREE ATTRACTION IN LA ( in my humble opinion) – it was sooo worth it…. click some ads and check back tml!!! so excited to blog about it! 😀

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