2012 review

2012 has been a fruitful one for Amanda and I.

Quick recap of the year
– Went for our long overdue Euro trip
– Went to magical Disney World
– Getting recognized at work
– Broke Amanda’s bond with MOE!

However, as I review my resolutions for 2012, I know I miss something.. 🙁
Keeping fit.

I think this will continue to be an issue for me as I have been putting too much emphasis on work such that I have no balance in life.
So with a new year, come new resolutions!

I will cook more often at home for us! I just discovered this wonderful app on Windows 8 (Everyday Food) that has simple 15-30 mins recipes which even a novice sous chef like me can accomplish! I am already the crepes expert at home! 🙂

I will learn to keep my work-life balance in check. No more late night work unless its really necessary. One’s got to know how to enjoy the finer things in life, after all you only live once.

There are several things to look forward to in 2013 actually…
1) Mayday LA 2013 concert
2) Getting a new car
3) Moving to a new apartment
4) Trying to sell my HDB flat again
5) Looking for a puppy

I don’t think we would be doing too much travelling next year but who knows?
Here’s hoping that 2013 is as good if not better than 2012!

Wishing all a happy new year!

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