Disneyworld – Day 5 & 7 Epcot + Downtown Disney

19 & 21 Nov

Going to Epcot is like traveling around the world! You get to visit Morocco, Japan, Paris, Germany, China etc. How Fun!

You know theme park food are mostly yucky… but we thought that the food at Epcot was not that bad. Our fave was Japanese food! haha..

The good thing about Epcot is.. we could get FREE printout of 1 picture each day when we show our Chase Disney debit card 🙂 That’s y we went to Epcot for 2 seperate days

hmmm… Epcot is a nice relaxing place…I just had no idea why we didn’t take much pics :/

ok.. moving on… We went to Downtown Disney on our last night..

It’s a huge place.. so do allocate time for this. Our intention was to go there for dinner… and we ended up at Planet Hollywood. It was super crowded and noisy – food was meh.. and once again.. I needed to have the cocktail served in disco lights cup 😀 There’s also a HUGE Disney store ! You can buy almost anything u saw inside the Disney theme parks here.. nah.. I didn’t buy anything , only 2 small gifts for our friend’s kids

Yup… I think this sums up our trip to Disney world! We left the magical place the next morning…flew out of Orlando.. transited at Washington DC where we got stuck for 2 hours due to plane maintenance…

Nevertheless… It was an awesome trip!!! Till we meet again!!!


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