USS – Day 4 The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Feeling down today… so decided to blog.. looking at these happy pictures, put my worries away for awhile..

18 Nov

We did not rent a car.. we booked Mears Transport Shuttle to bring us from Disney to USS Orlando – US$19/person round trip. This shuttle is quite good – ez to book, no need credit card, pay by cash to the driver – no complains.. just that it’s a shuttle, so it will mk stops at different places to drop/pickup people

Most of the people who go to USS are headed to Harry Potter Land (HPL) . OMG! It’s soooo crowded… we also zoomed to HPL BUT can’t help and got distracted by Dr Seuss.. haha

HPL is way inside… so it’s a walk… Finally…

It’s really a world of it’s own! No.. I am no HP fan.. BUT it sure feels like I’m in Hogwarts.. many people were holding wands and wearing long robes!

I feel so spoiled by Disney… because there’s no photographers here to take pictures for us… blah… their photopass pictures cannot be seen online 🙁 Most of our pics were taken by not very pro tourists

Places were very nicely constructed.. just like real! However, we felt that their organization for taking the rides was messy! Of course, we took the superb simulator ride.. OMG..probably the best I had ever taken.. took it twice! the line was super long…. no… I didn’t dare to take Dragon’s Challenge. haha

The above pic is an example of a photo taken by a tourist.. haha.. he really took a picture of us ( and not with the castle) sigh….ok.. try again… our self taken shot…

Much better! A front facing camera is so important!

Things at HPL is soooooo expensive.. I left the place with NO souvenirs ( except the pumpkin juice bottle)

Butterbeer is NOT alcohol. It is root beer with marshmallows…it’s sweet BUT really nice… very sinful drink. Pumpkin juice on the other hand is kinda sour-sweet? acquired taste I would say..

Had lunch at 3 broomsticks (a cafe inside HPL).. food was ok…We didn’t take pictures of the food as there was nothing special… walk around in the other parts of USS

Took a few more silly rides.. ( does not include roller coaster.. I was just too scared…)

o…. we found this funny! hahaha…

Dinosaurs drinking coke! I think I know why dinosaurs are extinct..They drank too much coke! hahaha

Had dinner at Bubba Gump for the first time!

Food was decent.. BUt our server was super nice.. we ordered a drink which was served in a normal cup. I told her that I like the cup with dancing lights.. and she packed us 1 to bring home! 🙂

After a filling dinner… we headed back to our hotel… we changed hotel on this day too!!!

New resort: Art of Animation

I always wanted to stay in a Disney Theme hotel.. so glad that BH made my wish come true!!! I feel like a princess!! hahaha.. Disney moved our stuff from the 1st hotel to this one… MAGIC! Bags were already in our room when we open the door 🙂

Once door is opened.. it’s a huge WOW!!! The place is so new and clean.. There’s a ‘new’ smell too!! Super happy (to have a change esp when I saw a living cockroach in our room at the other resort) !!

Shall end this entry with a sign I saw at USS – Seuss landing….

Time to THINK UP now….


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