My 1st and last Chanel earrings~~

Did u guess it right?

I have been looking for a particular design of Chanel earrings for a long time.. since April .. and only found it in Sept! It took me 3 countries to find it – France, Italy, Singapore BUT found it in the USA! I didn’t know that it was soooo close to me all the while!


Pretty? 😀 Extremely thankful for having a doting hubby who bought this for me. The weekend we came back to Seattle..BH offered to bring me to Neiman Marcus= Chanel! I was shocked… after spending so much $$$ .. I thought I won’t be buying anything for a long while… BH was like “Just go and see… no need to buy…”

At the store, I didn’t see anything I like. I took out a picture of the earrings which I was searching high and low for… and the SA told me that she could order for me!! OMG!! It’s available!! Without a 2nd thought, I told her ” I WANT IT!” She ordered the first pair for me ( haha.. yes.. first pair), it arrived a few days later. As i happily went to the store to collect, I noticed the obvious difference of the size of the pearls on each side of the earrings! I know.. I am so picky.. but i just can’t take such imperfections… so I told her that I want to see another pair just to be sure. Another few days later… The 2nd pair arrived… and it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT – I wore it on the spot! Happy!! Then.. I realised… I was too focused on checking the size of the pearls that I didn’t notice a slight.. just very slight tarnish on 1 side of the hardware ( the small part which is holding onto the double C design and the pearl) Gosh! well.. I am just gonna keep this pair of earrings – it’ll tarnish anyway.. it’s a matter of time..I still love it 🙂

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