How to remove white residue from Hunter boots?

White residue is also know as ‘Bloom’

As the weather gets a bit cooler, I took out my rainboots which I adore dearly. I was shocked to see white residue on the boots!! At first, I thought it was dust/mould/dirt.. so I cleaned it using wet wipes and air dry the boots. However, the white marking came back again! I was devastated!

Did a search online and it says I could clean it off with a cloth and mild detergent. I tried it and…. the white markings still appear after boots were dried! 🙁

Finally.. found the solution on PurseForum! Initially, I wanted to buy the Hunter sponge ($5) and spray ($12). I went to Neiman Marcus and they did not sell them 🙁 No choice.. I got to use Armor All, which also works. I was hesitant to use Armor All as I felt that it might be too strong and it could damage the boots. I went to Target and there was only 1 container of Armor all Protectant wipes ($4.50) left – bought it and tried on our car’s wheels.. WORKS!

Spent the evening cleaning my boots… BH was teasing me – saying that I’m in NS and the sergeant just told me to clean my boots… heyhey! cleaning boots is quite therapeutic ok!

Dull with white residue
Shiny and new!
Armor All saves the day!

hahaha.. in the end… I not only cleaned my Hunter.. I also cleaned the rest of the shoes! I am just amazed by how good these wipes are!!! No wonder there’s only 1 container left! Phew… luckily, I didn’t buy the Hunter sponge and spray – Armor All works and it’s cheaper too!!!

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