In time

“one day… just one day…”

“give me a minute…”

“don’t waste my time..”

“time is money..”

Does all the above sound familiar? These phrases are things we say/hear quite frequently! well.. BH recommended that I watch the movie “In time” He was like.. ” It’s a great movie! I love it! You will love it too…” haha… it’s interesting that he thinks that I’ll be interested in the same things as him. Nevertheless I watched..

Besides the pretty actress and cute actor.. this movie also have a amazing plot (in my humble opinion) I like how the movie portray a extreme type of lifestyle which reflects the life we are leading now

The plot brings us to a world where the amount of time you have is indicated on your arm. Time stops when one reaches 25 years old – so you practically stop aging at 25! How cool!! This means you will be forever young!!! šŸ˜€ However, you need to ‘make time’ by working. Your salary is in terms of ‘time’ ( you could earn ‘years’, days’, ‘minutes’ each day) When you want to make a purchase or pay bills , you pay by time (you can give ’30mins’ as a gift!)

This concept can be confusingĀ  .. but it’s extremely thought provoking!Ā  Can you imagine if you are living by the minute or if you only had 1 day to live? What would you do? If you can live to 100 years , how are you going to manage your time?

[Added on] Just recalled this part of the movie – There’s a scene which shows Justin eating alone in a posh restaurant. The waitress came and asked him ” You are not from here aren’t you? ” Justin was eating really fast as he was from the ghetto – he does not have ‘time’ to waste. This part reminds me of myself. I used to eat really fast because I don’t have the luxury of time to chew, appreciate and taste my food. In recent years, I realized that I eat really slow..Ā  like I will be one of the last few who is still eating when everyone is done. I guess, my life here is much slower.. maybe I am one of those with at least ’10 years’ on my arm… haha

I know.. u probably don’t know what I am talking about… so watch the movie!

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