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20 April 2012

I am not into Prada .. but I don’t mind MiuMiu 😀

Since we are in Florence, we decided to visit the outlet. I didn’t do any research on the bags/wallets before the trip.. so I was not sure how cheap/expensive things were…

We only had like 1 hour to shop because we needed to get back to Florence for our train to Rome , departing at 1pm. It was a very short trip – we kinda speed shopped. Not a good idea :/


BH and I took public transport to space outlet (train then share cab) Once you reach Montevarchi station, you will see a no. of people running towards the taxi stand – all going to the same place. Sharing a cab to the outlet cost 3euros/person while taking a cab entirely to yourselves cost 12euros

We left Florence at 9am and reached the outlet at 10am. The outlet only opens at 10.30am ( we went on Friday morning) BUT there was already a line. Do take a number ( we were top 30) as you will need it when you pay at the cashier

Maybe we were the earlybirds – I personally feel that the selection of items were WOW!! There were many items which were still selling in US stores and it is in this outlet already! Amazing! the prices of some items were more than 50% cheaper than US price ( after 12.5% tax refund)!

There were also a huge selection of MiuMiu accessories like wallets, card holders. However, there were only a handful of MiuMiu bags – Grab them fast!

Some items I bought – styles are still on the US website!

1) Prada Shopping Tessuto (This bag is commonly seen in Singapore! I only saw this colour and there was only 1 pc left… so I grabbed!!! you shld have seen how ‘jealous’ the other ladies were when they saw that I found this GOLD)

There’s no defects on this bag.. I think it’s just an off season colour!
Price tag: 550 euros
Price paid: 440 euros
After tax refund: 388 euros = US$496 (see how much i saved!!)

2) Miu Miu Bauletto Vitello

This bag have some minor scratches BUT I am cool with it. I got it and it’s my first MiuMiu bag!
Price tag: 370 euros
Price paid: 296 euros
After tax refund: 260 euros = US$334 (Look at the difference in the cost on the website!)

3) Prada Nappa wallet

This buy is probably my BIGGEST regret.. The wallet looks perfect outside BUT inside it has some glue stains which had been removed, leaving a stain 🙁 It’s not obvious unless i point it out to you.. would love a more perfect wallet though. It also didn’t come with the authenticity card ( I know it’s authentic BUT no proof) This is an example of a type 4 defect by the way

Price tag: 215 euros
Price paid: 150 euros
After tax refund: 132 euros = US$169

The men section was also packed with great deals! wallets and belts are much cheaper than boutique price!

The wallet BH bought –

Price tag: 140 euros
Price paid: 140 euros ( no additional discount)
After tax refund: 123 euros = US$158

BH also bought a belt which cost 60 Euros

Our loots –

I love the MiuMiu passport holder which I found in the outlet (68 Euros) to match with my MiuMiu wallet 🙂

1) Some bags/wallets come with some minor defects/scratches. They will be priced differently – this means the REAL price could be lesser than the price on the price tag. The no. on the price tag will indicate if the item is on additional discount or not. The no. range from 3 -5. ‘5’ being the worst. The SAs are more than willing to point out the defects to you.

2) After you decide on the items, the SA will hold it at the counter for you – That’s when the no. which you took earlier comes to use. Rem your no. else you may create a lot of confusion when you pay!

3) If you are rushing off to the train station, do get the cab company’s no. to call a cab! We were panicking when we didn’t see any cab in sight after we shopped. Fortunately, a cab came in the last minute – else we would have missed the trains

All in all, it’s a great place to shop if you are into Prada + MiuMiu! Would love to go again! 😀

10 Replies to “Prada Outlet (Space)”

  1. Your miumiu bag is damn nice!! I didn’t see it when I was there else I would have gotten it! Good buy! The options were much less when I was there. Pity~~

    1. haha Thank you! I was quite lucky that the store had such new designs in off-season colours! go again!

  2. Wow, that’s great, you got some amazing deals! 🙂 I’m hoping to get to this outlet soon as well. The only thing I don’t get is how can you own so many Miu Miu things and look at their boxes and items with the name Miu Miu on them… and still write Mui Mui every single time 🙂 I don’t mean to be rude or anything I just find it a bit funny hehe 😉 (btw, the name of the brand Miu Miu comes from Miuccia Prada’s nickname which is Miu) 🙂

    1. Thanks Mina! I didn’t even notice that I had been spelling it wrong all these while *blush* 😀 I corrected it!

  3. Hi there

    great review! I am going to Florence this September/October with my husband and brother. I don’t want to keep them waiting at Space for me, unless its really worth it. my other option is to go to The Mall, and visit the prada outlet there. do you know if there is a significant difference in prices between these two prada outlets?

    1. Hi Zar,

      I didn’t have the chance to go to the Mall, so I can’t compare 🙁
      Well.. there is a men section at Prada outlet, there is also a cafe…
      Have a great trip!

  4. wow, lots of information, I’ll be going there this coming november, would like to check with you, is there a Tax refund at The Space? which you did your tax refund?

    Thank You

    1. Hi Andrew,

      At that time, they just gave me the tax refund form. I did my tax refund at the airport. Enjoy your trip!

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