BUONGIORNO Roma + Chanel PST reveal!

Every city we go to there’s a story 🙂

Rome April 20-23

It’s unbelievable that we were FINALLY in ROME! I looked at my surrounding.. breathe in the air (not very fresh.. alot of smokers)… and can’t help but to give a little ‘scream’ inside me… wah… I have been waiting to come here for soooo long… and finally… not in June or December.. we are here! I must have said this countless times but it’s such a blessing!

We stayed at this Airbnb It was a modern apartment with great furnishing! wished that was our home! ( The place was generally nice and clean. However, i found the comforter dirty as I saw blood stains on it! )

Believe or not.. BUT the first place we went in ROME was CHANEL – The SA in Paris checked that the bag I wanted is in ROME! wah.. and I can’t reserve it :/ We put down our belongings in the apartment and ‘chiong’ to Chanel. Chanel is sooo crowded… OMG.. u got to wait for someone to serve you…. As I was waiting, i saw another lady who came into the store with the picture of the very bag I wanted. I panicked! BH too! haha.. so BH approached a SA and told her firmly that we had waited for a very long time and was still not helped ( This was one the rare times that BH is not passive! haha) Yayness… we were served shortly… and the lady.. who saw that we were both asking for the same bag panicked! haha… fortunately the store had 2!!! It was ‘hidden’ at the back and not displayed in store!!! Love love!

I bought it immediately!!! Finally putting my hard saved money into something i really wanted! Happy girl!!! 😀 I finally acquired what I pined for w/o burning/perishing


Petite Shopping Tote (PST)

For records –
Cost: 1300 euros OR US$1712.04 (as reflected on credit card)
Tax refund in cash: US$219
Total cost in USD: US$1493.04
Cost of buying in US: US$2000
Amt saved: US$506.96+tax!! (25% cheaper)

PS: My WOC which BH bought cost US$1595+tax .. look at how much I saved for a bigger bag! That’s why the PST is HOT! AND it is going to be discontinued soon… BUY IT IF YOU CAN! Btw.. my WOC had increased price by US$100!! By the time PST becomes extinct…. I will be holding an antique!! 😀

Enough Chanel talk… heh… other placed we visited..

Very crowded.. we didn’t get to sit on these steps

well.. I rem watching a movie, When in Rome and I told myself that I must go there and mk a wish at the Trevi Fountain! I’m so glad.. I have the chance to.. haha… and my wish is….. *not telling you*

Very crowded too! we were lucky that this man volunteered to take this picture for us 🙂 Don’t u love helpful strangers?

Next.. Vatican City! Do you know that VC is a independent country?! It has its own guards + postal service + radio station!

Everyone was taking water was the fountain.. so we assumed that it was Holy water? haha… BH was coming down with a running nose – I could have spread it to him.. so I told him to drink the Holy water… and guess what?!! The running nose went away! Amazing!

ok.. we can’t take pictures at Sistine Chapel BUT it was a TRUE highlight.. luckily we got Rick’s book from our host – it was a 2001 guide BUT it explained the paintings! Sistine Chapel is a HUGE WOW! DO BUY YOUR TICKETS ONLINE IN ADVANCED 38 euros for 2 person – the line to buy tickets is extremely LONG! we are glad that we can skip the queuing and go straight to security checks then enter the museum

It was another huge WOW for me! It’s hard to believe that we are looking/standing on such a famous historical landmark!

Roman forum was kinda boring… maybe I’ve got overload of roman stuff… geez… even Rick’s guide can’t excite me.. haha

For the Colosseum + Forum, 2 day admission fee $11euros/person. Opens from 9am-7pm

We got to see this parade!! How cool to see gladiators marching towards the Colosseum.. even cooler that I managed to take a pic with one! hahaha

last but not least…

Overall… It was a great vacation!!! Oh… tax refund in Rome airport T5 was extra easy for me ( no long lines + the lady at the customs was only interested to look at my Chanel.. haha) I mean.. I read many horror stories about how long the lines are and how people nearly miss their flights.. I guess… flights in T5 are US-bound + fewer asians.. so.. the refund was very fast and easy – make me so kanchiong go airport early.. haha..

Alina + Jo picked us up from the airport!! It was so nice to see both of them after 2 weeks!!! It was already late at night and Jo made Salted duck soup for us!!! ooo… such a sweet gesture… we were very touched… It’s great to have friends like them 🙂

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  1. Hi, It’s really great that you manage to get your Chanel bag:) . Where is the Chanel store in Rome that you bought it from? May I know Euros 1300 is for both the handbag and purse? Thanks

    1. Hi Sylvia

      Thank you for dropping a comment for me!
      Well, if i didn’t remember wrongly, the Chanel store is near the Spanish Steps. The PST is Euros 1300 ( not both) 🙂

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