How to buy Happycall pans on Gmarket Korea? (Part 2)


Date ordered: 2 May 2012
Date received: 8 May 2012

It reached Singapore slightly less than a week! Amazing! Pictures courtesy of my sister 🙂

Pic 1: The HUGE box delivered by the postman. Just to let u know, once Gmarket ship out your package, you will receive tracking information which could be seen when u log into your a/c. It will look something like this –

IF you are staying in Singapore, you can check the status of your parcel using the tracking no. on Speedpost Usually, delivery by EMS is very fast and reliable. However, if you miss the delivery, you can contact Speedpost directly for redelivery or for transfer to post office for pick up

Pic 2: This is how individual box packing looks like! Neat and nice! Fit snugly in the bigger box

Pic 3: The pan inside each smaller box and extra silicon seals (which i added) for my order

Pic 4: Interior of the pan – comes with a Korean Manual. However, the English and Chinese manual can be found here and here respectively


1) How much did you pay for shipping?

The shipping cost seen above is for 3 pans (about 8kg!) The excess amount paid for shipping will be deposited into your Gcash [Read How to use your Gcash here]

2) How much does each pan cost when I buy direct from Gmarket Korea?

I paid SG$175.69 ( EMS shipping+ 3 ocher deep pans+ 3 sealers) Each set only cost SG$58.56!! Personally, I think it is cheaper than joining sprees or buying from department stores 😀

3) Have you tried cooking with the pans?

Not yet 🙁 I’ll blog about it when I did!

4) How to buy HCP on Gmarket?

Read here

Enjoy!! Happy shopping! 😀

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