How to buy Happycall pans on Gmarket Korea? (Part 1)

*These are solely my opinions. Do give me credit if my guide helped you OR share your thoughts in my comment box. Tanks everybody Tanks!! 😀 *

Who should read this?
1) Asian living in USA who wants to get a Happycall pan
2) Singaporeans who want to buy a Happycall pan
3) Anyone who want to buy a Happycall pan

Ok, fine. Basically… everyone!

Have you caught the Happycall pans (HCP) craze yet? I know.. it is so popular now and I see a lot of people talking about it on Facebook and on various cooking blogs!

I thought it was just a so-so pan BUT J (my Singaporean bachelor friend living in Seattle) is talking about it! haha.. he was boosting about how he cooked delicious medium rare steak.. the kind of steak which is cooked to perfection and not ‘hard like rock’ heh.. I giggled in disbelief… Still, I wanted to try out the pan for myself. I was also hoping that BH will cook more (for me, or when I’m not around) if we get the pan

Living in a US apartment, most of our stove is ‘electrical coil’ (electrical coil is NOT induction) I was worried that even if I buy the pan, it may not work. However, since Julius could cook steak in his HCP on the electrical coil stove, the pan should work! I also emailed a food blogger, H L, just to confirm and she assured me that it works! Yay! So now.. where should I buy?

Amazon and Ebay are selling these pans BUT they are quite expensive compared to my favorite and trusty website, Gmarket! I know there are many versions of Gmarket now BUT I am talking about Gmarket Korea (English site)

Personally, I feel that the prices of HCP on Gmarket Singapore are not as cheap as I could get it from Gmarket Korea directly. The last time I checked , merchants on Gmarket Singapore are giving freebies with the pan (for slightly higher price) – I didn’t go for those as freebies are not important to me. I just want to buy the pan cheap! In the end, I choose Gmarket Korea (English site) Nothing beats buying HCP direct from Korea

I do not read/speak the Korean language. I depend on Google translate to help me with my shopping on Gmarket Korea. On Gmarket Korea , though it is a English site, most of the words are still in Korean language. IF you can’t read Korean, Google translate is your best friend.

Another thing, DO NOT use your mobile phone to load/shop Gmarket. Gmarket is picture intensive. Sometimes pictures may not load or takes too long to load. To have a better shopping experience, use a computer preferably with IE browser – Firefox works fine too!

I apologise for my bad sizing of images. Please click on image to see clearly 🙂

Step-by-step guide
1) Go ahead and open a new window for our best friend Google translate

2) In another new window, go to To search for the pans, type ‘Happycall’ in the search box

3) There you go! The results! Choose the merchants which offers ‘worldwide shipping’ + good rating. Usually, I buy from the ‘Power’ seller

4) Click on the link and it will bring you to the store. The price indicated on the store is the base price
Different type of pans will have different top-up/option price. Another thing to note is the picture may only show 1 type of pan but do scroll down, the store have other pans to offer

5) Look at the images below to be familiar with the store details

6) Ready? The pans! Option 1 shows the different pans (scroll down to see pictures of the pans). For your convenience, I listed down the pans with its Korean name below (Warning: Please DO NOT fault me IF I indicated the pan images and names wrongly. Double check on your part and let me know if I made a mistake)

Items are listed from 1st item on the drop box to the last







7) Option 2 – To select if you want the pan to be individually wrapped(Top up of 900 won). I choose to have the pans wrapped individually as I ordered 3

8 ) Select add on (optional)

9) Click add to cart and check out!

10) Before paying, click on ‘Coupon Box’ to make sure that the best discount coupon had been applied. Discounts are allocated by member’s level OR if you won lucky draw for coupons. Double check that the items purchased is correct.

I actually ship my items to Singapore since the pans are meant for my mum, my mother in law and me. Since there was a promotion for shipping fee to Asia, the shipping cost to Singapore is much cheaper than shipping to US. I can only collect my HCP when I’m back

11) I checked out and select ‘Foreign Credit card’. Enter your credit card details and you are set!

12) To view order, go to ‘My Gmarket and click on ‘Overseas order’ > ‘View all’. Your order no. and details should be there! Confirmation email may take up to 15mins to reach your inbox

Warning: Since I am residing in the US and shipping to Singapore, my credit cards were declined. Sigh! I guess it’s our US credit card’s way of detecting faud – cancelling the transaction. Anyhow, I tried 2X with different cards and orders didn’t go through. In the end, I got my sister to pay with her Singapore credit card and it went through flawlessly

Tip: For Singapore Credit cards, you just need to enter the OTP sent to your phone and the order will go through. For US credit cards, do call and inform the credit card company BEFORE you make a purchase from Gmarket, so that the order will go through.

Hope this helps! Happy Gmarketing!

Read Part 2 – Pans reached Singapore! 😀

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